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Stuck on rebooted, resuited.

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User Info: JakeS1196

3 years ago#1
I'm stuck on the mission where u have to get Stark back in his tower to get him a suit. I've gotten Capt America past the fan in the floor but I don't see a way to get ironman up on the second level with the Mark 1 armor on. Any ideas?

User Info: pvegeta

3 years ago#2
there might be one of those cap shield switches
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User Info: Kung_Fu_Fighter

3 years ago#3
I think there's a switch he has to jump and hang on to activate the anti-gravity thing in the floor.

Otherwise just smash everything and jump around and it will eventually work out.
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User Info: Hines Ward

Hines Ward
3 years ago#4
There's a switch behind the fan. Jump on it and grab it.
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  3. Stuck on rebooted, resuited.

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