Stuck on That SInking Feeling

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User Info: lgroundwalker

3 years ago#1
I'm having a hard time getting two minikits. One that the minikit detector points to the top of the submarine/boat, and another in the underwater section that seems to be a Sandman portal I cannot find. Anyone can help with this?

User Info: MusuoJoe

3 years ago#2
I know the sand man one is almost underneath it, I missed that one the first time too..Hope this helps..
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User Info: Madrox3

3 years ago#3
For the top of the boat, you have to charge the electric panel a second time. The kit under the bridge in that area has me a bit fooled, though.

User Info: ITolerateYou

3 years ago#4
The underwater minikit you must get while driving the minisub thing around in the water. Just lower the sub by holding B. I think you can't get it after you finish the sub puzzle though, because I think you lose access to the controls for the sub after finishing the puzzle.
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