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User Info: craelon

3 years ago#1
Has anyone else attempted this mess?

The character creator is located in the med bay aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. You press a button and it takes you into a menu to make your own hero. Cool idea in theory, but the menu navigation and feedback given via the screen make it very confusing to use. I'm still struggling to give my custom character flight similar to the Human Torch. Or any flight at all for that matter.

Does anyone know how the powers are determined? Some are obvious, give a character claws and he fights like Wolverine. Give em a bow and now they fight like Hawkeye. But some just don't make sense. I gave my character Johnny Storm's hair and now he can shoot fireballs. ... Lolwut? I would expect that to be a hand piece or maybe even it's own "weapon" to be selected, but the hair? The most confusing part about this is that it doesn't work all the time. I gave a different character slot the same hair and they didn't get fire powers. What the hell determines your powers?

This feature needs at least a 20 page in-depth explanation packaged with the book. Nowhere does it explain anything at all about the custom characters. If anyone on here has cracked the code for specific powers please post them in this topic so that not only I, but many others can have some clarity on character creation.
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User Info: Mech_Battalion

3 years ago#2
I've been looking for the character creator for a while. Is it unlocked after a certain point in the story?

User Info: craelon

3 years ago#3
I'm not sure when it is unlocked. Just try to head to the med bay in the Helicarrier. To get there, go to the main bridge (use the elevator located at the center of the landing area outside) then head left to find a door. The door will sometimes be closed until the whole are loads, be patient and it will appear for you. After that, take the hallway all the way down and take a right in the final room at the end of the hallway. The med bay is right there. You'll know it is the med bay because you'll get a little comm announcement saying where you are and what you can do in it.
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User Info: ImMrMojoRisin

3 years ago#4
Just because you can't figure it out, it doesn't mean it's "a mess".

User Info: UltimaXOmega

3 years ago#5
I mace a God Tier Iron Man-Mandarin cross.
Also a Venom-Mandarin cross.
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User Info: craelon

3 years ago#6
It's a mess because nothing is clear about it. Parts and powers don't make sense and are extremely inconsistent. I put on Iron Man's head and I get his flight, but then I add Black Widow's waste and it's suddenly gone. None of it makes sense.
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User Info: Romulus77

3 years ago#7
craelon posted...
I put on Iron Man's head and I get his flight, but then I add Black Widow's waste and it's suddenly gone.

Her crap messes up everything.

User Info: greeneye59

3 years ago#8
There are 2 character editor locations on the helicarrier. One is the character creator. and the other one seems to be?.......Where you can alter (change the color) current characters?

User Info: craelon

3 years ago#9
The second area to customize characters is for changing the color of Big Figs. That's it. No really, Big Figs have only one thing you can customize, their color. The location of the Big Fig editor is in the Detention Cell.

So far I still haven't found anything to give me the Human Torch's powers and his flight. I found something similar and would be a good substitute if I wasn't trying to make a MALE super hero. Ms Marvel's hair grants super flight with a fire trail but her hair makes ANYONE using it look like a girl. It has that whole "Jessica Rabbit" flip to it that covers one eye. This character customization is worse than the one in Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi. Somehow... still better than Lego Batman 2 though.
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User Info: craelon

3 years ago#10
Might as well post what I've found out.
Give your character these things to get these powers:

Iron Man mask - Iron Man flight, rockets, Mark 42 laser
Ms Marvel's hair - Ms Marvel flight, heat shots
Tony Stark's face - Iron Man Flight, rockets, Mark 42 laser
Venom/Spider-man/Carnage face - Spider-man webswing, web ball, spider sense
Wolverine/Sabertooth weapon - Claw attacks, activate claw switch, health regeneration, double jump
Hawkeye's bow - Bow attacks, arrow grappling hook, arrow detonator, double jump
Human Torch's hair - Human Torch attacks, heat beam (BUT NOT FLIGHT)

I haven't unlocked everyone yet but there still seems to be huge amounts of abilities I'm missing. I can't have Whiplash's weapon even though I have him unlocked and I still haven't found a way to have the Human Torch's flight!
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