Possible split screen glitch question ?

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User Info: sirkreuab

3 years ago#1
So me and my girl just picked this up last night:) Game seems great super fun fantastic
And we were having a blast. So we get to level 2 with the shield helibase, and I drop off and we forgo the fantastic four level with Reed and captain America.

At some point in their the dynamic split screen
Has gone to fixed vertical all the time we haven't changed any options:(

I haven't really played a lego game since Harry potter it's been awhile and recently replayed Star Wars so I'm kinda out of the loop.

A quick google shows a couple of results with one guy claiming his copy of lotr glitched on the 2nd level and stayed that way for the rest of the game so he returned the disc and received a new one problem supposedly solved seemed like a really extreme solution to me especially since game returns can be a hassle depending on how cool the retailer is.........

Long story short my question to the community is does this happen in coop to you on that level or any other is it normal any known issues with
The dynamic split or do you think my disc is just screwed? Are any levels just forced vertical all the time?

User Info: JordanLNeal

3 years ago#2
Didn't happen to my wife and I. Now on level 7. Try going to the options menu and messing with the split screen setting. Thats my only suggestion.

User Info: craelon

3 years ago#3
There are times in levels where the dynamic splitscreen turns to a locked splitscreen (usually during a segment where one character has to use powers that involve moving far away) so I can see how the game may perma-lock that way on accident. Have you tried dropping out player two then joining back in again?
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User Info: sirkreuab

3 years ago#4
Yeah I tried dropping out several times .. I'm stuck at work for awhile but will try messing with it again tonight maybe it was just a glitch

Was mainly just seeing how the begging of the Baxter building level worked for other folks so I know what to look for result wise thanks for the help

User Info: I_phantom

3 years ago#5
This is exactly what happened to my friend and I yesterday and it was really hurting our enjoyment of the game. That dynamic split screen was one of the reasons I was so impressed with the demo so I hope it was just a glitch.

We tried dropping in and out, resetting the game, and going to options on each controller. In fact I couldn't get dynamic to work at all.

Edit- we were on free roam and the 4th level for the record. I had done the first few solo before he came over.

User Info: sammmurai

3 years ago#6
I have the PC version and it happens the weird glitch.
The fixed split screen starts at level 2.
Tried all kinds of settings (resolution,effects,etc) but with no success.
Dynamic split screen has gone!

The fixed fixed split screen is really annoying!

Tired of glitches in Lego games .....

User Info: Deanpool

3 years ago#7
Apologies for being off topic a second, but what are the overall visuals like? Ive only been able to play the demo at present and some of the textures were really low res and fugly in places. Cheers mates.
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User Info: sirkreuab

3 years ago#8
Honestly the visuals look better then some non lego ps3 games the visuals are really really great :D

User Info: Stedinator

3 years ago#9
I think fixed splitscreen is for free-roam. Have you tried entering a level since?

I was playing Lego Batman 2 with my friend for the first time today and in Free-roam, even with dynamic selected, it had automatically locked into fixed.
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User Info: sirkreuab

3 years ago#10
Not sure if it counted as a level we free fell off the carrier into the park in front of the Baxter building but never went in it so I guess that could be when I get home we can just try to go in thanks ill let people know
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