Red Head Detention problem

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User Info: talon842

3 years ago#1
I am having a problem with the level Red Head Detention. After getting Black Widow on the elevator, the elevator goes up a short bit and then goes back down. Is anyone else having this problem?

User Info: jaispeed2011

3 years ago#2
yeah i'm having the same damn problem.. can't go any further.. knew i shoulda gotten this on the damn 360 instead.. GLITCHES ATTACK AGAIN!

User Info: lampy900

3 years ago#3
Me too I have the same issue with the elevator not going all the way up and it really isn't fair because I paid about 30 bucks for this amazing game and I can't even get past this level if anyone is reading this please help me I really wanna continue this game please

User Info: talon842

3 years ago#4
Tried reinstalling and starting a new game, same result...buggy elevator

User Info: lampy900

3 years ago#5
yea i actually restared the whole game over and i got the same results no change in the elevator at all there has to be some fix anyone please help

User Info: StalkerInsane

3 years ago#6
hm strange i didnt have any issues with that part of the game, mb its a random glitch or something specific triggering it? the only thing i can think of is a block getting stuck, i usually clear everything in a room before moving forward

User Info: Hedgehog Master

Hedgehog Master
3 years ago#7
I had this problem too. All I can tell you is to KEEP. TRYING. Standing on the button at different angles and eventually the elevator let me go all the way up to the top.
so glad I'm past that, thought I'd never be able to beat this otherwise wonderful game. Curse that elevator, at least I can fly over it now in free play mode!
ah skitty j00

User Info: yijia82

3 years ago#8
me stuck here too, will there be a patch to fix this bug? it's really annoying, no one bothered to test the game on before sales?

User Info: lampy900

3 years ago#9
I finally got up what I did is I stood on the button and looked to the left and down


3 years ago#10
Make sure that you are Black Widow and that you are invisible. Then make sure that Hawkeye isn't setting off the cameras. Then stand exactly on the button. If you are doing all of this and it still doesn't work, then it probably is a glitch. But I figured that I would try to rule out user error first. For the record, I am playing n the PC and I had no issues with that level.
"Man how to people figure this stuff out? A rubber band on the R button." - HYPERMECHA
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