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User Info: hambone3400

4 years ago#1
Is it possible to have the CPU recruit for you? The last version I bought was 2010, and you could set the CPU to recruit for you while you just played the games and simmed week to week. I always drop dynasty when I have to recruit myself, since I just like playing games, so I'm wondering if that's possible. Thank you!
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User Info: BigTlovesBEER

4 years ago#2
Yes the CPU will do all the recruiting for you if you want it to. You can even point it in the direction of the right kind of players you want, so the CPU will focus on scramblers over pocket passers if that's what you want.

User Info: nuschler2212

4 years ago#3
From my experience the CPU is horrible though.

When I've started a dynasty and forgotten to take the helpers off it has removed four and five stars that were very interested and who I was likely to get and replaced them with one and two stars. So I wouldn't count on it keeping a program competitive.
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User Info: mycaddy

4 years ago#4
I just finished my first season of an OD we have a member that has been on autopilot the whole season... (something to do with him moving and no internet) of all the users he was in the middle of the pack... He was 6 of 12 in the recuiting... All 12 member was active and I dont know how active interms of recruiting... maybe the ppl behind him made poor choices IDK and overall I think he was in the 60s of 126 school. But I do all my recruiting myself... I turnoff help with anything from the computer and I did pretty good... of the users I was 3 and 12 overall... But again I dont know what the other users were doing I do know some were joking with me saying I should not go after a recruit during they season because they were trying to get him and I was ahead on points... So I know they were active and trying as well. Just my 2 cents from my experience so far in the game
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