Damn, some of these challenges!! *pulls hair*

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User Info: Primine1

4 years ago#21
After FINALLY getting 1 million lifetime meters the next objective is... 10 million lifetime meters? What a jump! Considering that last challenge barely moved the bar 20% along, I think I'm done. Currently about 2/3 of the way through level 8. Challenges: 500,000 life time coins, 1,000,000 life time coins, and 10,000,000 life time meters. Even though gem bonus is lowered to level 9 requirement, the lifetime coins is wrong on 1,000,000 coin objective. No way is it worth it to press on.

User Info: Swordmaster_101

4 years ago#22
I think I'm about to hit the same stage. Not going to bother getting 10 million metres or 1 million coins. Stupid game.
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User Info: Silentdaze

4 years ago#23
This game could learn something from Jetpack Joyride's challenge system. There were always at least one or two that were doable within a reasonable amount of time. Always gave something to shoot for.

These, forget it, I'm done with the game. It's now a chore. A buggy chore at that
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User Info: BlackX2

4 years ago#24
I am in level 8.

My objectives are :
1. GOLD MINER - 500,000 lifetime coins.
2. MIDAS TOUCH - 1,000,000 lifetime coins.
3. INFINIRUNNER - 10,000,000 lifetime metres.

I though the "collect 5 gems in a game" is the hardest one.
But, this is gonna kill me.

I even completed the "10,000,000 score in a run" with ease.

My stats:


Highest score : 14,400,463
Longest run : 42,532
Most coins : 16,331

Total games : 325
Total distance : 1,154,146
Total coins: 387,433

User Info: d00fy90

4 years ago#25
I have the 10 million meters, 1 million coins, and 500,000 coins objectives currently, but I have 691,000 coins and it hasn't registered that I made the 500,000 coins objective!

It looks like once I get to a million coins, I'll have both objectives completed but that doesn't make any sense.

User Info: Chloeex

4 years ago#26
I'm new here :o
Anyways just wondering is level 9 the last level and the gem bonus is the "gift" so to speak?
It took me forever to get the 5 gems in one run thing but managed to get it when my score was around 2mil, then again afterwards when my score was 10mil for the next goal (34 000 meters)
After I got this really horrible goals:

Gold miner: 500 000 coins
Midas touch: 1 000 000 coins
Circumnavigator: 1 000 000 meters

I'm almost done circumnavigator but the coin ones are ridiculous to me... I can barely get the gold miner
I'm like halfway to level 9 and just wondering if anyone finished these goals and are on the next ones? What are they cause if there as hair-pulling as these ones I'll just quit

User Info: Cory898

4 years ago#27
New update on iOS version that fixes issues. My million coin objective jumped way ahead, adding the 500,000 coins I got from the previous objective. Daily and weekly challenges with rewards have been added and power ups have been tweaked so you can grab another one of the active one and have it count. Like grabbing another magnet while one is already in use won't be a waste.
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User Info: GambitAce

4 years ago#28
Still no incentive for us pre-level 9 players to play anymore.
how do you turn this on?

User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#29
Jackie_Chandler posted...
Black_Insomniac posted...
I dunno about iOS but on Android, it shows Gem Bonus at level 9.

I didn't even know there was an Android version. It's not listed on GameFAQs, either. I wonder if there are any other differences between platforms. I can say with certainty that the iOS version unlocks Gem Bonus at Level 10, and that there's no Objective for getting five Gems in one run (although there is one for getting two in one run).

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User Info: Jackie_Chandler

4 years ago#30
FredCat07 posted...

I'm aware there's a listing now, but at my original time of posting, there wasn't, I promise.
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  3. Damn, some of these challenges!! *pulls hair*

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