Which would you have preferred? Toadette or Birdo?

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  3. Which would you have preferred? Toadette or Birdo?

User Info: Gamzeo

3 years ago#1
Which one? - Results (483 votes)
53% (256 votes)
47% (227 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Pretty simple question: pretend this is before MK8 was even announced. You have to choose between these two to be in the game, and only one of them can. Which one do you choose?

I'm guessing most people will base their decision on which one they personally prefer, but there's other factors as well, like how each one's inclusion/exclusion would be received by the public, or which one is more relevant and/or unique.

Toadette has some key things that Birdo doesn't: she's cute, fun, and has a gender position that isn't controversial. Birdo, on the other hand, represents an entirely different species rather than being a semi-clone of an existing character.

In February 2013 someone did a similar poll:
but now I'm wondering where people's opinions stand now.
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User Info: KartinKong

3 years ago#2
I can't do this.

User Info: LonelyGoomba

3 years ago#3
Birdo is terrible.
Like, the design is ugly, doesn't really appeal to girls or boys.

Just awful in everyway
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User Info: Bluzziku

3 years ago#4
KartinKong posted...
I can't do this.

User Info: MarioGamer12345

3 years ago#5
Toadette needs more votes.
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User Info: OlafPietro

3 years ago#6
Toadette's awesome, but I loathe Toad. Its weird. But I hate Birdo, whatever the heck he is. I think Birdo's a dude.
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User Info: Polimario

3 years ago#7
Replaying SMB2 has given me a greater appreciation for Birdo than I did before.

Now if only Ninty would give it a voice again instead of all that ridiculous honking.
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User Info: AnselaFan

3 years ago#8
Toadette obviously she's cute and all that stuff! Birdo... Well...My brother likes her and she's better than Daisy I guess...

User Info: EHeroHaneKuribo

3 years ago#9
Birdo all the way.

I like Toadette and all (and she's way better then half the roster choices) but in the end Birdo's an original and unique character with a personality unlike any other Mario character while Toadette is defined by "she's a girl Toad and acts girly".

User Info: Paulo123

3 years ago#10
I like them both, but between the two, Birdo.
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  3. Which would you have preferred? Toadette or Birdo?

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