PSA: Coins are NOT added to your tally the second you grab them.

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  3. PSA: Coins are NOT added to your tally the second you grab them.

User Info: bladexdsl

3 years ago#81
everyone that still doubts this than go do the TT test yourself than. wait till you unlock something than start a TT grab every coin on the track doesn't matter if you slow down, drive backwards etc and write them down. with the mushroom cup you should get over 100 coins in the 1st 3 tracks. now after just 3 tracks you should unlock something. but i bet you any $$$ you won't!! doing it yourself it takes 5 tracks to unlock at 50 and 10 tracks at 100 maybe a little yess depending how many coins you had when it unlocked there is NO WAY around this. if you want coins faster get your mates together!

max 10 coins per person PER race!

User Info: Steven-Chase

3 years ago#82
ShadowUmbreon42 posted...
Steven-Chase posted...
Thank you, Pinxed!! I'm glad to see some that others are willing to experiment with the coin system instead of just vaguely recalling an experience and declaring a conclusion based on that. =)

So... It basically works the same way as Mario Kart 7, it seems.

As my own update... My local GameStop didn't have the MK8 Prima guide in stock, but I'll keep looking. The photos of the guide that I found online are extremely in-depth with the gameplay mechanics, so if there's some elaborate coin system, I'm confident it will address it. Otherwise, I think it's safe to assume that the coins work the same as they did in MK7.

And really... If everyone would just stop and crunch some numbers for a second, they'd realize how ridiculous it would be if you banked coins instantly.

Even if you don't consciously try to pick up "extra" coins on a race, most coins are in line with the path you take during the course, so grabbing them accidentally while drifting and what-not is pretty typical. And if you're leading most races, you're going to get inundated with the coin item. I can easily grab about 50 coins a race, yet I'm not unlocking multiple parts per GP. If I was banking them instantly, I would have the Gold Glider already. Instead, I'm only at the 1,800 coin unlock.

Except i didn't touch a single game mode before it. I hopped into a 50cc GP.

Your "facts" aren't completely correct clearly -_- stop assuming so much about our experiences.

Edit: Well there still is that possible unknown variable we still don't know about yet so IDK

So, how's that Gold Glider working out for you?

Oh, you don't have it yet? That's weird. Because mathematically, if you got coins the second you grabbed them, you'd have more than enough to have earned the Gold Glider by now.

I've counted, and on certain tracks, I can snag about 20 coins using my usual route, per lap. Let's be modest and say I'm getting 10 coins per lap, 30 per race, 120 per GP.

I've triple-starred all of 150cc and Mirror, gotten gold on all of 100cc and played a few 50cc's to unlock characters, and I've had to replay GPs several times to get those triple stars. Again, let's be modest and say I only played through all of 100cc, 150cc, and Mirror, one time for each cup. That's 24 cups at 120 coins per cup. That's 2,880 coins from three engine classes. I've also finished all of the Time Trial ghosts and played countless online matches, and I've done several experiments where I camp at a coin respawn spot to try and grind for coins.

Yet, I just hit the 2,800 mark last night.

Do the math. You're not earning coins the second you grab them.

User Info: Steven-Chase

3 years ago#83
Jacob46719 posted...
Steven-Chase posted...
But I will say this to everyone who is pointing to something like this as definitive proof that coins are earned instantly...

Go try and grind for them then.

Because it doesn't work.

grind for them AND finish the freakin race.

Who said I was pausing and exiting the race? Of course I finish the race.

User Info: AdeonWriter

3 years ago#84
Haha thanks for the quote. Actually it's got nothing to do with where your total is currently. If you get all 40 coins, you WILL get a item 4/5ths of the time. And if you do it over and over without missing any, you'll
Always get four in a row, then miss one, then four in a row again...

That is, until 1000 coins, because then they get spaced 100 coins apart. Then the pattern comes

GET, nothing, GET, nothing, nothing, Repeat.

This holds true regardless of how many coins you have, as long as you do Prix without missing any more over and over

Both patterns also apply to your farming technique since you'd get 40 coins a pop that way too.

User Info: AdeonWriter

3 years ago#85
To the people who get 50 reward coins after first Prix, it is possible they lost a Prix and don't remover doing so.

It could also be something silly like coins from item boxes always add to total even if they don't get collected. Should investigate.

User Info: AdeonWriter

3 years ago#86

User Info: Supershadower1

3 years ago#87
Wombo Combo Bump
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User Info: Steven-Chase

3 years ago#88
Revised thread created. Let's let this one die.
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  3. PSA: Coins are NOT added to your tally the second you grab them.

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