This guy online has over 8700 VR

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User Info: Jonaqq

3 years ago#11
crystal does a twitch stream

User Info: AllstarJason

3 years ago#12
So his power level isn't even over 9000? Color me unimpressed.
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User Info: dj_skooter

3 years ago#13
MasterYoshidino posted...
Oh yeah Crystal. This person is going to have to grind against newbs to reach 9999. Saw them try and win against a bunch of 6000-7500 VR players (me included) today and because we were too close in skill (I honestly thought some of us were actually better than Crystal) that they kept losing any VR they gained. The hectic items basically made it pointless because this player isn't better than all of us :/ Just has a LOT of time to beat less skilled players. You could do the same in MKW and it proved nothing.

I was watching crystal's stream before I had to leave for work. Last I saw was them peaking at I think 9940, then having a tough time maintaining. They had a bad run for a while, and a disconnect mid game dropped em back to the 9800s.

It was fun watching them play tho.
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User Info: TeraTricker

3 years ago#14
Is VR constructed the same way as in MKWii (I haven't got the game)?
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User Info: snake_5036

3 years ago#15
CyborgSword posted...
Yea its insane, you have to be play for like half the dat everyday.

More like 4 hours each day. You can easily get 1,000 VR in that time frame. You'd only have to play the game for 10 days to get max VR.
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User Info: Toadoshi

3 years ago#16
What if he has 2 Mario Kart 8's and 2 Wii U's and he just plays against himself and wins the points that way. XD I bet somebody does that.
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