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User Info: Mindwipe77

3 years ago#21
nice to see mk 8 has no shortage of elitists
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User Info: Too_many_names

3 years ago#22
GL10 posted...
Too_many_names posted...
I was in a room yesterday in which people DIDN'T vote for N64 RR.


I was in a 11-man room two days ago while I was waiting for Nintendo's E3 and at one point I was the only one that picked N64 Rainbow Road. The others picked Cheep Cheep Beach and Random. FREAKING CHEEP CHEEP BEACH? Are you kidding me? At least I won that.

By the way, Toad Harbor is my favourite track. I am gonna pick it. Deal with it.

I can deal with that. Toad Harbour is great B)

In fact, every course in this game is fantastic except for a couple of retro tracks.
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User Info: snake_5036

3 years ago#23
I played online for 4 hours straight yesterday, and from my experiences it seems like other players have a phobia for both rainbow roads.
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User Info: McNastySU

3 years ago#24
I have an actual solution to this problem.

1. Gather your actual friends together.
2. Sit on your actual couches & chairs.
3. Have an actual discussion about which stage to pick.
4. Get to actually play all of the stages.

User Info: Piechotta

3 years ago#25
A big list of choices will always be better than a small list of choices.

User Info: blackw0lfx

3 years ago#26
i pick random but i get some odd sense of enjoyment when i see everyone pick 2 of the 3 choices and then my random gets picked and its the 3rd option no one wanted. unless the random picks dolphin shoals. then i go "ohhhhh(sad face)".
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User Info: EgHeadFool

3 years ago#27
Man people on this site are hilarious.

EHeroHaneKuribo posted...
kirbydude385 posted...

Damn you're so entitled now.

God people need to learn what "entitled" means on these forums.

I don't necessarily agree with the OP, mostly because I personally like a lot of the common stages, but him wanting to have some other choice occasionally picked doesn't make him "entitled", it just means that he wants the fact that there's 32 options to be taken advantage of.

At least this guy gets me. It's absolutely not a matter of me only wanting to play my favorite tracks. Like I already said, ANY track gets boring after playing it 10 times in a row. Vote for your favorite level. Hell, vote for it twice in a row. But when it's the same 3 picks by half the room time and time again, it gets old. Maybe most of you haven't actually stuck with the same lobby for an hour or more, but it's depressing when 10 or more perfectly fun stages never see the light of day because nobody ever picks them. When I'm lucky, 2-3 people per race make bold choices. Come on, tell me honestly how many times you've noticed people pick the new Rainbow Road, Grumble Volcano, or Piranha Plant Slide for example. And sorry but there IS a correlation between that and skill! After a few matches you get the feel of the players that consistently place in the top few spots, and they're usually the ones who go for the most variety, or have the decency to pick Random when all 3 other choices have been played 20 times already.

McNastySU posted...
I have an actual solution to this problem.

1. Gather your actual friends together.
2. Sit on your actual couches & chairs.
3. Have an actual discussion about which stage to pick.
4. Get to actually play all of the stages.

Yeah man great solution. It's totally easy to call up 11 friends for local multiplayer any time I feel like racing. Oh wait.

highndry18 posted...
If you can't stand to play the tracks because they're so terrible, you're free to play single player where you can choose your own tracks to play. There, problem solved.

Damn another genius. If you don't like something that's happening in multiplayer, just play by yourself! Man we have some great problem-solvers in here. Next you can solve the problem of interstellar travel by telling people to be content with just looking through telescopes.

User Info: Cubfan082

3 years ago#28
TC, stop using Rosilina with a bike class...

...use baby Mario on a quad with roller wheels for a challenge.
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User Info: Chagen46

3 years ago#29
So goddamn agreed TC.

Getting SO DAMN TIRED of seeing half the room pick N64 Rainbow Road when it comes up. And it's hilarious how whenever a really fun track that requires skill like Grumble or Bone Dry Dunes comes up, EVERYONE scrambles to not pick it.

Noobs smh
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User Info: EgHeadFool

3 years ago#30
I actually use Morton. But artificially creating a challenge for myself doesn't solve the problem of playing the same stages over and over. Besides, there are generally at least a couple of people I have to watch out for in games. It's just the majority. It would be interesting if the game implemented an algorithm that kept track of the 10 most recently played stages in a lobby and weighted the odds against the most common ones a bit. Just as an idea.
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