Funny mii names you've seen online?.

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User Info: Terrabell

3 years ago#1
Haven't seen many myself.

I saw a mii named inb4coin though.
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User Info: Domino171717

3 years ago#2
Someone named PEEPEEFACE
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User Info: Too_many_names

3 years ago#3

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User Info: Toadoshi

3 years ago#4
Terrabe, Domino171717, & Too_many_names. Jk
I haven't really seen any.(≧∇≦)

User Info: blackw0lfx

3 years ago#5
not really funny but i raced against cersei and tyrion in a couple of races. i enjoyed those names.
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User Info: Tortus2

3 years ago#6
I remember in Mario Kart Wii there was a Hillary Clinton in one of my online matches.
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User Info: Usabell

3 years ago#7
I raced against the AVGN, and someone called "mii" (very original, I know).
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User Info: TheShadowMan683

3 years ago#8
I played against a guy named "Taco Bill"

I dunno, I thought it was funny
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User Info: msr5004

3 years ago#9
I always loved playing against "Mommy" and "Daddy" Mii's in MKWii. I eventually made a "Mommy" of my own, I bet people got so frustrated losing to an old lady's Mii.

User Info: AROCK86

3 years ago#10
lol inb4coin. That is fantastic.

I haven't seen too many funny names yet, but I have seen some really freaky looking mii's.
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  3. Funny mii names you've seen online?.

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