MK8 Tag-Team Room - **KARTS VS BIKES** - Saturday, June 21st, 2014 @ 7pm GMT

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User Info: super_luigi16

3 years ago#1
So I decided I would try to host a private tag-team room for the GFAQs board now that the message board has started to die down. I hosted a bunch of different rooms for MKW, but I haven't hosted any non-invitation-only MK8 tournaments yet, so hopefully it goes well...

~~~ Concept ~~~

This room will be an informal tag team meaning that there will be two teams of six under normal GP rules. The normal GP rules are used because it's impossible to segregate you guys into the teams you sign up for using MK8's team function. Anyway, each team will be using a different type of vehicle: one team uses karts only (or ATVs) while the other team uses bikes (outward or sports bikes). Thus, you will want to work with your teammates in order to ensure that the other team places as low as possible while your team places as high as possible. If you want to make team/clan tags to make yourself easily identifiable on the map, go for it. Any control scheme/characters/tracks/other vehicle parts are acceptable.

~~~ Rules ~~~

You can race as aggressively as you want, but I do ask that you keep targeting and trolling to a minimum. Either tactic can make the race wholly unenjoyable for others in the room, so please just don't do it! Here are the other rules:

- No hacking.
- No glitching.
- No targeting.
- No trolling.
- No spamming courses.

~~~ Time ~~~

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

12:00 pm PDT | 1:00 pm Mountain | 2:00 pm Central | 3:00 pm Eastern | 8:00 pm Britain | 9:00 pm Central Europe | 10:00 pm Eastern Europe

~~~ Layout ~~~

GP1 - Karts vs. Bikes - 150 cc, No Teams, Normal Items, No COM
GP2 - Karts vs. Bikes - Mirror, No Teams, Normal Items, No COM
GP3 - Karts vs. Bikes - 150 cc, No Teams, Normal Items, No COM

I may do some afterraces if people are still around. Battles, versus, whatever. :P

~~~ Scoring ~~~

Points will be tallied up after each GP by yours truly. I will include racers who disconnect or leave early and racers who join late. Teams who are down a member will receive compensation of three points per team member per race. Team members using an incorrect vehicle will not have their score counted, and those who are asked to leave because they are breaking the rules will also not have their score counted.

~~~ Hosting ~~~

I will be hosting this tournament in a private room. This means that you will need to have me, the host, added to your Wii U. I will be posting my NNID below. The room will be promptly opened at 6:45 pm GMT for those on the main list. If there is room for the waiting list, they will be allowed to join at 6:55 pm GMT. The GPs may start late if I need to reassign teams based on those who joined. Do not sign up for the main list if you are unsure that you will be available. Because this is a private room, you will choose your vehicle as you are joining the room; if you would like to change vehicles between GPs, I will give everyone about 3-5 minutes to leave and rejoin. If the room randomly closes between GPs, that is because I am changing vehicles; the room will be reopened shortly thereafter. Please pay attention to this topic for changes in the roster/rules.

~~~ List ~~~

Please copy and paste this list and add your name, NNID, and NNID nickname so that I know who you are. :) If you're uncomfortable putting your NNID on the boards, feel free to PM me once you add your name to the list.

1) SuperLuigi - SuprLuigi16 - Kevin - [HOST]


Waiting List

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope you can make it :)
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User Info: Michaeloll

3 years ago#2
i dont want to join this

User Info: AROCK86

3 years ago#3
I might be able to make it, but not sure yet. Sounds like fun. Haven't done any of these courses on Mirror yet, so I'm sure my performance would decrease dramatically on the mirror races lol.
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User Info: Wolfie_Claws

3 years ago#4
EDIT: Actually, I think i'll hold off joining until i know i'm completely free Saturday night.

User Info: Swiftie_Muggle

3 years ago#5
No hacking??? that was sooo funny.
People in here are like Jon Snow ; ''They Know Nothing...''

User Info: Pickley-

3 years ago#6
hope i can make this, but dunno if im free this saturday
NNID: SomeBakedPotatos

User Info: Dark_SilverX

3 years ago#7
I work that day so I can't do it :/
Carmine is a beast. No matter how many times he dies.

User Info: Pickley-

3 years ago#8
NNID: SomeBakedPotatos

User Info: Momogirl1

3 years ago#9
baby peach kart!
(do i need add you on friend list or something?)
Fangirl of Baby Peach. Support the baby racers! They are not stupid.
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User Info: Fyrus_Sverovec

3 years ago#10
Add me in the Kart team, please

Nick : Fyrus
NNID : FyrusCarmin
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