I've had it with cheat AI

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User Info: bradhig

3 years ago#11
ColonelCustard posted...
bradhig posted...
I was using Lemmy ,landship, Azure Roller ,any glider. In rainbow road I may have held the lead a few seconds but I always behind even after using the shortcut to catch up. I won Mushroom ,Flower ,and star cup barely and I mean barely.

Yeah, for some reason the AI gets faster cars than the human player and the human player is not rubberbanded to the AI. If the AI gets ahead of you, you're basically not going to have enough top speed to catch them

The AI cars should be only as fast as their build allows not scaled to the player

I swear Lakitu works with AI cause he waits until a couple of places have gone by before dropping you back on the track.

User Info: DarkAdonis123

3 years ago#12
bradhig posted...
I couldn't win 150cc special cup cause they cheated. I did the shortcut near the end of the to get second but some loser tailgated and passed me when it was far behind after the shortcut.

NIntendo needs to patch the AI with the following

no more rubberbanding.
no more Precision hitting the player when they are not in first
no more drifting ,shortcutting AIs
no more item spam
no more bumping it caused me to fall off tracks.
no more turbo start for AI
no more targeting the player and ignoring other racers

I agree with a few of these, but some of these are really scrubby. No more turbo start for the AI? Why should you be the only one to get a boost at the start? And no more short cuts for the AI sounds really lame.

Yeah the AI cheats, but you're basically asking them to adjust the AI to 50cc difficulty.
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User Info: Matthew3DSGamer

3 years ago#13
ITT: Noobs wanting the game to be easy.
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User Info: cloudtheprophet

3 years ago#14
Matthew3DSGamer posted...
ITT: Noobs wanting the game to be easy.

ITT: Trolls saying Nintendo games are too easy
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User Info: Malefio777

3 years ago#15
AI doesn't cheat, you just didn't find the setup for you yet. Have fun trying things until you find what is good for you and you'll see that you'll be WAY ahead of the AI...

The only way I can say they cheat is this:

First race, my rival is clearly Iggy. I manage to put him in fourth place at the very end, pretty much assuring victory, because I would have been ahead of him in the ranking. But Rosalina finished second and became my rival for the three races that remained.
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User Info: bradhig

3 years ago#16
I won 150cc special cup and got three stars. I was in a state of shock after that. The AI didn't even try to item spam on rainbow road and it didn't use the shortcut either. How could it happen like that?

User Info: RNG_GOD

3 years ago#17
People on this board must suck or I have a glitched game or something. Literally breezed through 150 and Mirror and only had to retry one to get 3 stars.

User Info: the_cajun88

3 years ago#18
RNG_GOD posted...
People on this board must suck or I have a glitched game or something. Literally breezed through 150 and Mirror and only had to retry one to get 3 stars.

I got three stars on every cup on the first try.

git gud
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User Info: Waver92

3 years ago#19
I know how you feel.

They're generally easy to beat to me, but there are just some stages (Dolphin Shoals and N64 Rainbow Road are extremely guilty for this) where the AI will never get off your rear end.

I think the rubberbanding needs to stop 100%.
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User Info: Scontig

3 years ago#20
I think there's almost a hidden AI difficulty mode. Sometimes it's just so crazy that no one could win, no matter how good they are. Then other times you get in the lead and everyone stays away.

It's almost as though the game thinks "yeah okay we've had our fun now, but we better lay off the trolling and cheating now or he'll quit and won't come back". :P
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