I've had it with cheat AI

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User Info: pikachu936

3 years ago#21
I can consistently win on 150cc with little difficult using almost any kart combination, if you can't, perhaps it's a sign you should only do 100cc for now and come back later when you're better at the game? =P
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User Info: Scontig

3 years ago#22
People always say that to sound good, but sometimes you get item spammed so badly that there's literally nothing you can do to stop it. You fall back to 6th or so and then, if it's towards the end of the race, you can't catch back up.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining about the game. After all, I've played every MK game since SMK on the SNES and know what to expect, but people who imply they are so good that they're immune to item spam make me chuckle. :D

User Info: chex81

3 years ago#23
People that make these topics have never played a MK before? AI being cheap is a MK staple, sorry but that's the way it is and when you get screwed by a last minute item or just have a bad rub of items...thats how it is. If this wasn't the case and I had no troubles always winning, then I wouldn't even play MK.

I finished gold on all (including mirror) and now working on all triple stars...this game is no cheaper than the last MK or the one before that. Man, people do not like a challenge of this type...all I've seen about this game is crying wince it came out.
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User Info: Milla_Maxwell

3 years ago#24
I've never had any issues with the AI in this game.

They always play fairly for me, I have never once felt like I was cheated out of a win, whenever I lost a race its because I f***ed up and lost, not because the AI cheated.
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User Info: Scontig

3 years ago#25

User Info: Tweedsiders

3 years ago#26
the_cajun88 posted...
RNG_GOD posted...
People on this board must suck or I have a glitched game or something. Literally breezed through 150 and Mirror and only had to retry one to get 3 stars.

I got three stars on every cup on the first try.

git gud

You don't even need to git gud, the ai is pathetically easy imo save for a few bouts of item spam.

i found mirror mode to be insane however.
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User Info: InfinityOver0

3 years ago#27
we've all been cheated by now. whatcha gonna do 'bout it? meet mk8 dev team behind the school after class and introduce them to the fist item?
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User Info: KirbyFreak101

3 years ago#28
Go play Super Mario Kart or N64 then try to tell me the CPUs in this game are cheap

User Info: Stanger5150

3 years ago#29
Is this your first Mario Kart game?
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User Info: SlimeSwayze

3 years ago#30
It is really frustrating trying get 3 stars in 150cc. The reason I hate the design for this game is that it punishes you for being good, and the final outcome is based almost entirely on luck. You obviously have to have skill just to win in 150cc, but whether or not you can get 3 stars will always come down to whether or not you were lucky enough to not get completely screwed over at some point during the four races. And the odds are stacked heavily against that not happening.

I still enjoy racing online, but racing against the AI is a completely joyless experience.
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