Is there gonna be a disc release for this game?

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  3. Is there gonna be a disc release for this game?

User Info: Jack_Ryder_2013

4 years ago#1
I plan on preordering but I want to get the actuall disk I don't like digital only releases some games for pc lately have been impossible to find in the store. Cant wait to get this for pc so I can play it in 3d it's funny capcom said they could not do 3d for the consoles because they wanted it to be the same experience accross all platforms yet 3d is always available on the pc ports what a lie that was

User Info: Jack_Ryder_2013

4 years ago#2
This board is dead

User Info: urmomishawt04

4 years ago#3
I want to know as well.
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User Info: Jackalfox

4 years ago#4
Pretty sure they said it'll be Steam-only when they first announced it.
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User Info: needlewarbler

4 years ago#5
It's steam enabled but I think they mentioned that will still be a disc release.

User Info: este914

4 years ago#6
It better be released on disk!!
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User Info: ZGMF_600_Guaiz

4 years ago#7
I'm sorry to bring the bad news but:

Revs will arrive this May (21 US, 24 EU) on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U as physical disc for $49.99, or as a digital version on PS3 and PC on launch day (with 360 and Wii U digital versions to follow). As you might expect, this new version will include online Raid Mode co-op, enhanced HD graphics and lighting - but it also contains a few new bells and whistles.

However, I want to mention that I read in another board that someone said that Europe do would get physical copies of the game for PC. You might want to look into that.

User Info: realzelda

4 years ago#8
there is a disc version on amazon uk s i guess yes

User Info: Jack_Ryder_2013

4 years ago#9
Apparently not for the us even with GameStop u buy a download this is bs

User Info: Zerol09

4 years ago#10
Publishers like Capcom and Square Enix have STOPPED releasing physical PC retail release for their current and future titles in the US and Canada.

If you want the physical retail version you will have to purchase them from European retailers.
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  3. Is there gonna be a disc release for this game?

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