Wind Waker is overrated.

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User Info: Nintendoboy77

4 years ago#1

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#2
It's my "least favorite" 3D Zelda game, but I still like it.

User Info: Ein_Soph

4 years ago#3
I love it.
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User Info: EJW

4 years ago#4
Not as overrated as a certain other game.
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User Info: Xcalibur02

4 years ago#5
EJW posted...
Not as overrated as a certain other game.

Ocarina of Time? Yeah that game's overrated. It's my least favorite 3D Zelda.

Honestly, with how much hate every subsequent Zelda game gets, particularly right after release, I really don't see how anyone could call any 3D Zelda other than Oot overrated.

I mean, you won't believe how many people I've seen in just the past week say Wind Waker is the worst Zelda game.
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User Info: ShadowMario3

4 years ago#6
I feel that Majora's Mask is more overrated than Wind Waker.
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User Info: Ghost-inZeShell

4 years ago#7
Nintendoboy77 posted...
Wind Waker is overrated.

Trolololo lo lolo lolo...

User Info: LLL_Deadly

4 years ago#8
What is it with the Zelda fanbase and the word overrated?

Every 3D Zelda, except for SS, are some of the greatest adventure games ever created. They're ALL spectacular. You guys use that word way too much.
Wind Waker is one of the greatest games ever made. Hoping the HD Remake does it justice.

User Info: DJ0224

4 years ago#9
Don't understand the hate for SS. I personally loved it, but i have also loved EVERY Zelda game. But really what was wrong with it? Wind waker is by far my favorite, actually its my favorite game of all time, but SS i thought was amazing.

User Info: SingingSoul

4 years ago#10
al zelda games ar ovarrated n underratted at the saim time
dinosuar king is the best anime ever
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