i just started :D

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User Info: Splatulated

3 years ago#1
i like the lobster shirt
posting this because that one guy keeps spamming it everywhere thought I'd save him the effort and do it my self http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OpdxlK1SKr0

User Info: megamachopop

3 years ago#2
It's a crayfish. Gawd.

User Info: Gunsandredroses

3 years ago#3
I thought it was a prawn...DERP!
Hit Ctrl + Alt and down. Come on, I dare you...
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User Info: benoit489

3 years ago#4

Wow! You really DO have blue clothes...
with a picture of a crawfish on them!

Srsly how have you guys not found time to read the entire Quote FAQ that's been on this site for exactly 10 years...??
Spaceman Spiff

User Info: megamachopop

3 years ago#5
Crayfish is the same thing so I know what I was taking about.

User Info: benoit489

3 years ago#6
You know your stuff mega
Spaceman Spiff

User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#7
What's a crayfish, a crazy crawfish?
"Deep into that darkness peering..."
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User Info: Videogamegalaxy

3 years ago#8
I hate seafood.

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