Which side do you come from?

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  3. Which side do you come from?

User Info: Pro_Tactician

4 years ago#131

User Info: lanofrosex

4 years ago#132
Im a SMT but my lil bro fire emblem.......so yeah great cross-over

User Info: bucktoothgamer

4 years ago#133
I would say SMT. although so far ive only played the devil survivors and awakening will be my first FE game unless I count SS from ghe 3ds ambassadors program.

User Info: Hawker44

4 years ago#134

User Info: Kar31189

4 years ago#135
SMT though i am a fan of FE i havent played one of those in years

User Info: Sanjima_Ryuku

4 years ago#136
I've been a fan of SMT for quite some time already. But I've spend a lot of time last year playing FE, and FE13 is currently my most anticipating game next month.

User Info: UmbraSol456

4 years ago#137
Fire Emblem
Night and Day shall not break it's endless cycle. If it ever did, the word would cease to exist.

User Info: bigtim777

4 years ago#138
Eh....do you mean which games I like more? Then SMT, but FE is very good too.

But I'd rather have this game as a FE strategy game. :)
FF6 > FF13 > FF4 > FF5 > FF10 > FF3 > FF1

User Info: leadintea

4 years ago#139
Both, but mainly more from the SMT side.

User Info: Externica

4 years ago#140
Played a SMT game first, though.
Does it make me join the SMT side? Because I like FE, too.
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  3. Which side do you come from?

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