Which side do you come from?

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User Info: perfectchaos83

4 years ago#41
Under Technicalities, both. But considering my only connection with SMT is via Persona 3 and 4, yeah. I do intend to give the Main SMT series a go eventually. My time is just eaten up by a lot of other things. >_>
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User Info: Rainierman

4 years ago#42
Fire Emblem

Just wtf!!! XD I don't know what to think of this.
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User Info: EliteGuard99

4 years ago#43
Fire emblem stomps
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User Info: iannono46910

4 years ago#44
Fire Emblem. I've only played one SMT game so I don't know a lot about the series.

User Info: weemanv1

4 years ago#45
Fire Emblem for me, SMT for my brother. A really bizarre crossover but it should satisfy us both.

User Info: OrangeCrush980

4 years ago#46
Fly Embalming
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User Info: yoshinator112

4 years ago#47
FE, been meaning to start Persona 4 Golden...never played a SMT game before :/
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User Info: wishbringer50

4 years ago#48
Fire Emblem.
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User Info: TormaDFK

4 years ago#49
Both, although I've only played the Persona and Devil Survivor games on the SMT side.

User Info: xXDeadWulfXx

4 years ago#50
Shin Megami Tensei
PSN: Shibuya_Reaper 3DS FC: 3668-7261-4909
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  3. Which side do you come from?

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