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I recently got this game but is Tokyo Mirage great or Persona 5 is better?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Brystar25317/1 4:25PM
Was it ever shown what helps proc duo skills/ad-libs?astralmeson46/29 11:19PM
Changing class (end game) *Advice wantedjdblick100236/24 9:23AM
So do people still think Pierce trying to beat Null/Rpl/Drn is not a bug?LagoonTheCursed26/17 7:53AM
Question about strengthening Carnage Formshaseo466/11 9:50PM
#fe directorscut/deluxe for switch ideaspigzig_n146/8 5:02PM
What Was Censored BESIDES Visuals?Bloodshed11309426/8 4:52PM
Would you like to see an anime movie of Tokyo mirage sessions FE?Ogreatgames55/30 1:48AM
Forreal though, why is everyone crushing on Itsuki when Touma is RIGHT THERE!?EmeralDragon2395/13 11:14PM
TMS: #FE Australien DLC code first come first servedTyrael66645/6 3:44AM
where can i see the list of requests and sidequests i completed?nemerz45/4 4:17PM
Are there any bonuses for New Game Plus other than carry-overs?RemixV455/4 4:14PM
want a little help
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
davis_324/30 10:12AM
Win 100 Savage Encountersgeorgethecow4104/26 2:04PM
Started this game today; was easy until I was completely blindsided...Expelsword34/23 6:34AM
Persona 5 vs. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FETheRushDawg74/22 4:16PM
I have been playing Persona 5, Will I like this?dennis9294/21 6:02PM
Are arena battles affected by difficulty?Tiptap24/17 8:02AM
Finally back at this gamedrygannon64/14 1:12PM
Maximum Skill/Ability Modifier?drygannon44/14 11:49AM
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