Secret Genes List

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User Info: gambit444

4 years ago#1
Secret Genes List

Catcher - Baseballer + Police Officer Ballpark
Statistician - Mathematician + Reporter Ballpark
Ventriloquist - Actor + Carpenter Theatre
Masseuse - Physiotherapist + Strongman Spa
Chemist - Scientist + Bartender Chemical Plant
Hazmat - Chemist + Stunt Double Chemical Plant
Investment Banker - Gambler + Salesman Hedge Fund
Mime - Actor + Librarian Carnival
Optometrist - Astronomer + Doctor Clinic
Surfer - Skateboarder + Olympic Swimmer Beach House
Butcher - Cattle Rustler + Cook Fast Food
Hockey Player - Wrestler + Figure Skater Snow Globe
Sports Fan - Statistician + Athlete Arena
Lumberjack - Carpenter + Strongman Lumber Mill
Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.
-F. Scott Fitzgerald
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