Career Ending Injury

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User Info: Puntcoyote

3 years ago#1
I've skipped the last 3 Madden's while going with the NCAA games instead. I'm lookin to pick this Madden up for Ps4, does Madden 25 have Career Ending Injuries?

User Info: Fyerman

3 years ago#2
That would be nice. I remember playing a game that had that. Don't remember if it was NFL2K or Madden.
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User Info: Mercilus_One

3 years ago#3
Apparently, from my understanding, they took it out because it'll ruin the fun. Maybe? I never career ending because it messed up everything for me. Especially if the guy was on my team.
NBA 2K14. Can't wait. But for now Madden 25 will be in my clutches.

User Info: pladium

3 years ago#4
It may not be anymore, but madden definitely did have this before. I ended up smoking an opposing team's kicker or punter before the kick and their injury was listed as Major Concussion(Career Ending). That was the one and only time I've ever seen anything like that.
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User Info: heartherevenge

3 years ago#5
one time on madden for PS1 i hit troy aikman so hard they brought out an ambulance, i thought that was pretty awesome

they took CEI out a long time ago though
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User Info: IXIShogunateIXI

3 years ago#6
I don't know if they are removed from the latest edition but in '12 one of my receivers got popped hard and suffered a broken vertebrae. Turned out to be listed as career ending. I also saw a center labeled with the same. That was the first time in a long time I ever saw a CRI.

My guess is that they are still there but VERY rare.
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User Info: psnshade71

3 years ago#7
They have been there since they introduced injuries. A quick google of madden 13 career ending injuries will bring up several youtube videos showing they did indeed continue to exist in 13.
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