How to win a game online

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User Info: justgota360

4 years ago#1
I'll lay it out in steps for you.

1. Pick a solid team (Seahawks, Steelers, etc)
2. Run the ball as much as you can, while running clock down to 1 second every time.
3. Only pass if you're facing 2 and 10 and 3 and 6. Otherwise, run run run and keep opponent's offense on the sidelines.

This formula has me at 7-4 online. I lost 2 games by one point bc I'm greedy and went for 2 against two tough offensive teams and I suck at defense (hence, why I run the clock).

I just played Seahawks vs. Broncos online. Broncos literally ran maybe 4 plays at most the whole half bc I ran it down from second half kickoff to about 1 minute left and scored a TD.
WVU Mountaineer

User Info: Reverseisback

4 years ago#2
Cheese ball bum! An u wanna no why people onside and go for 4 th downs !!
I'm embarrassed to say I'm a titans fan so ill just say " go heat"

User Info: AtlusSaGa

4 years ago#3
Boy you sound like a blast to play with. This is why I hate online.
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User Info: Wasssup Now

Wasssup Now
4 years ago#4
Step 1 select 49ers or Seahawks
Step 2 click ready (only if your opponent has not picked either of these teams)

That's it

User Info: justgota360

4 years ago#5
Don't hate the player. Hate the game! If people could stop my running attack, I'd be forced to actually make plays.
WVU Mountaineer

User Info: Fear The Clown

Fear The Clown
4 years ago#6
I'm 13-6 with the Jets. yea I've really made some people mad. 'Lucky' tends to be a common theme to the messages I get. Guess people really think the defense is broken.

User Info: dafreestyleking

4 years ago#7
AtlusSaGa posted...
Boy you sound like a blast to play with. This is why I hate online.

It may not technically be 'cheap', but it's definitely lame, especially with running in this game being so easy. People online don't punt either, so that's 4 downs to milk the clock and basically fall forward for at least 3 yards every play....sounds fun. ~_~
NCAA 14...I am kind of disappointment.

User Info: Krogmatic

4 years ago#8
You are almost forced to do this in MUT with 3 min accelerated clock. That's why I run out the clock in that mode. 12-9 there.

Playing in regular H2H I play more or less normal, though I've only played 2 games, 1-1 there.
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