best defensive plays

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User Info: alchzart

3 years ago#1
in this game only im getting burned by stupid things such as screen plays and especially after a while a WR will run away from the defender and my defender wont chase after him what is the best defensive plays to stop things like this?

User Info: severiality

3 years ago#2
Yeah sure, there's a play that just shuts down WR's. 36 different playbooks but you only need one play.

User Info: saleonkennedy

3 years ago#3
If you know the opponent is going to do a run, do a blitz A ;)

On a serious note though. For screen plays, it is best to do man to man defense. For plays where you defenders wont continue following the wr. This is because you did a cover 2 or 3. In those covers, your defense has zone where they cover the ball. If you hold rt you will see what there zone is.

To know what the opponent is doing, just watch his formation. Does he have a fb in front of the hb? Most likely a run, but it could also be a play action. A line stacked to a side? It could be a toss run. Is it first down-run a lot of the time 3rd down and short- most likely run but could also be a play action. 3rd down and long-pass
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