Desert Football: An Arizona Cardinals Franchise

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User Info: haveitdownpat

4 years ago#1
Desert Football: An Arizona Cardinals Franchise


Since 1932, The Arizona Cardinals franchise has been owned by the Bidwill family. However, history was made when Bill Bidwill put the Arizona Cardinals up for sale yesterday. The highest bidder was former head coach, HD Pat.

"It's been a long, great road. This franchise has meant a lot for my family and I hope we did the fans proud." said Bidwill during the press conference.

Unfortunately, Bill Bidwill's ownership has been marked by little success. In his 47 years, the Cardinals have only made the playoffs five times. Bidwill had a reputation for running the Cardinals rather cheaply with one of the lowest payrolls in the league. However in recent years, the Cardinals have begun to spend more and won their division for the first time since 1975 in 2008. They then went on to host a playoff game and advanced to Super Bowl XLIII. They won another division title in 2009.

Bill Bidwill's sons Michael and Bill Jr. will stay a part of the franchise and help with day-to-day control. HD Pat "recognizes and respects the family tradition of the Cardinals."

What can we expect from HD? The long-time fan turned coach, has now turned owner...

His hometown franchise, The New York Football Giants, gave him a chance in this league simply as fan off the street with a couple of good ideas. After it was all said and done, he was able to be part of an undefeated team with back-to-back Super Bowls.
Bleed Blue: A New York Football Giants Franchise, Madden 10

After riding the high of the New York Giants, his second gig was a bit tougher. He got hired by the late Al Davis as his "financial guru." He successfully dealt with JaMarcus Russell's hefty contract and helped rebuild the Raiders into a Super Bowl team.
Just Win AGAIN, Baby: An Oakland Raiders Franchise, Madden 10

The Cleveland Browns brought him in to head their personnel evaluations. Combining this with a head coaching change to Andy Reid brought the Brownies to the promise land.
The Dawg Pound: A Cleveland Browns Franchise, Madden 11

He proved that game management and the ground game could also bring multiple Super Bowls!
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He had a quick cup of coffee in Buffalo.
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And last year, he did everything for the loyal fans of Kansas City as a head coach. He made the playoffs every year and brought them to championship after championship. He made it a habit of winning.
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Questioned by NFL insider Pete Schrager, "Having been a fan of the NFL your entire life, there's some concern that you might be too emotional or too involved to let your football people do their jobs. How do you respond?" HD Pat responded, "I would simply say if we're winning, no one is going to be concerned about how I'm running the team."

So what can we expect from the Arizona Cardinals now? Will he continue his tradition of winning? Or is this fan simply over his head? Only time will tell.

User Info: lotusfather

4 years ago#2
Very nice, I will be reading.
Here lies a toppled god His fall was not a small one.
We did but build his pedestal, A narrow and a tall one.

User Info: Athleticsfan3

4 years ago#3
Good Deal, cant wait to see what happens.

User Info: haveitdownpat

4 years ago#4
Direct Owner Responsibilities:

1) General Manager
I'm pulling a Jerry Jones and becoming the GM of this team as well. I will hire the head coach, the scout, the training staff, players, and even dictate how much a burger costs in our stadium. I will manage this into a well-oiled machine.

2) Cut Day Coordinator
This is the hardest part of the job, hands down. Releasing players that won't make the final roster and trying to craft a championship team is my main goal. The preseason is personally my favorite part of the season: assessment of the current players, how well the new players mix with the old, and who will step up and make an improvement to this team. Exciting stuff -- I play every preseason game in its entirety.

3) Draft Day Team Lead
This is where I have had the most success. I brought my scouting team in and we have had success at the previous six locations. Making the tough decisions on draft day is my biggest strength.

4) Play Calling
I usually delegate responsibilities downward (simulate). However, I will step in during the season to call the plays on both offense and defense (physically play the Madden Games). I will limit myself to only two regular or post season games. I will also call plays at the Super Bowl if we make it because of the importance of the game. I am fully involved during the preseason to ensure I evaluate personel appropriately (play each game).

"4th Down" - Year 1 Questions
Every NFL Season comes with questions. Especially with your favorite franchise. Each year I'll list the things we need to answer.

1st Down) What does Carson Palmer have left?
There are some people thinking he has plenty left to give. Some people think he's finished. Palmer struggled to win in Oakland last year, which some are willing to hang on him. Others see what Palmer had as weapons (nothing). The reality is, if Palmer has anything left, he will be the best quarterback this team has had since Kurt Warner retired. One thing is for certain: he does have a pretty hefty 3 year contract. Let's earn it.

2nd Down) Is Bruce Arians the coaching answer?
I didn't bring Bruce Arians in, but he did a hell of a job last year with the young Colts team. He's an offensive oriented coach, so that's how he'll be judged. I'm a defensive-minded guy, but it could be a good compliment. We shall see. Do I want to bring in my own guy? Of course I do. Will I? Let's see if Bruce Arians can build from what he started in Indianapolis.

3rd Down) Will this be an "explosive" offense through the air?
Will Larry Fitzgerald's numbers revert back to previous year's form? Will the 2012 No. 1 Draft Pick, Michael Floyd, break out? We "have" a quarterback now. We "have" an offensive minded coach. Three big questions are all focused around the offense.

4th Down) Am I in over my head?
Several years ago, I was just a fan. I have had success at every level I've tried: Scout, financials, player evaluations, and coaching. Do I have what it takes to fully own a team? I hope so. These great Cardinal fans (you) are depending on it.

NFL News
- From Bleachers to Owner's Seat: There has been an ownership change in Arizona. The Cardinals will now be run by HD Pat.
- Long-time owner Bill Bidwill has finally decided to sell his beloved Cardinals to HD Pat.
- Alex Smith Takes Over: Can the veteran QB resurrect his career in Kansas City?
- Some experts question whether RGIII can return at full strength from such a brutal injury.
- Manuel Therapy: Is this former Florida State QB finally the answer for a struggling Bills franchise?
- Russell Wilson prepares for his sequel in 2013.
- St. Brees: Can the veteran QB help his team rebound from their 2012 season?
- Revis Dealt to Bucs: Can the top corner in the NFL continue his dominance in Tampa?

User Info: haveitdownpat

4 years ago#5
Blockbuster Moves:
I need to start things off interesting. Usually I don't bring in big time free agents, but I usually don't buy an NFL football team. I'm in the mood for buying, so lets make a deal.

1) Randy Moss (WR): $3.72M / $0k / 1 Year
I've had a history with Randy Moss last year with the Chiefs. He's a first ballot hall-of-famer and I welcome him to my team with open arms. He will play opposite of Larry Fitzgerald and this could possibly be one of the best duos in this league. With young players like Andre Roberts and Michael Floyd, this will just help their learning process.

2) Michael Turner (HB): $2.66M / $0k / 1 Year
Some say Turner lost a step last year with the Falcons, but I still think he's got something left in the tank. He is in the competition between Rashard Mendenhall and Ryan Williams to start at HB.

Potential Impact Players:
The small moves make a great team. Adding depth to ensure you have enough players in case stuff hits the fan. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

1) B.J. Coleman (QB): $1.37M / $0k / 1 Year
B.J. was brought in to battle for the backup QB role. It's a three-way competition with Drew Stanton and Ryan Lindley. I really like this kid's strong arm.

2) Jarell Powe (DT): $600k / $0k / 1 Year
You could never have enough good depth on your line. Jarell Powe and I have history back with the Chiefs. Do you see a pattern starting? I'm bringing in the guys I know.

3) Sergio Kindle (LOLB): $910k / $0k / 1 Year
This kid needs a second chance. An outside-of-football injury cost him his first stint with the Ravens. He's made a bunch of dumb decisions off the field. Hopefully he catches on with this team. Hopefully he will make the most of his second chance. He would be good, young depth at the outside linebacker position. Quite a prospect out of college. Low risk, high reward.

Training Camp Fodder:
A couple of these players will make it, but most of them are brought in for competition. This is where you find diamonds in the rough. Let's hope I get lucky!

1) Brad Smelley (FB): $460k / $0k / 1 Year
An H-back with potential to be a good pass catcher out of the backfield. He's a winner from Alabama. I want winners on my team.

2) Kashif Moore (WR): $490k / $0k / 1 Year
3) Devon Wylie (WR): $490k / $0k / 1 Year
Two speedsters in the competition for that 5th receiver spot. Word of wisdom: the best way to make that spot is special teams contributions.

4) Justice Cunningham (TE): $1.05M / $0k / 1 Year
Mr. Irrelevant from this year's draft. Couldn't stick on with Indianapolis, so let's see if he can make it here.

5) Hayden Smith (TE): $1.08M / $0k / 1 Year
Former Australia rugby star turned NFL TE. I want to see what this kid has (other than toughness).

6) Mitch Petrus (LG): $680k / $0k / 1 Year
7) Jason Slowey (C): $540k / $0k / 1 Year
8) Bill Nagy (RG): $650k / $0k / 1 Year
9) Johnny Culbreath (RT): $600k / $0k / 1 Year
10) Jarron Gilbert (RE): $680k / $0k / 1 Year
Again, you can never have enough depth on the line. Defense, offense, you name it. You win the game in the trenches and some of these younger players can make the team.

11) Tim Fugger (ROLB): $490k / $0k / 1 Year
High motor. Gym rat. Plays with a lot of heart.

12) Robert Steeples (CB): $590k / $0k / 1 Year
13) Robert Sands (FS): $630k / $0k / 1 Year
14) Brandon Hardin (FS): $710k / $0k / 1 Year
The secondary is one of the stronger and younger groups of this team. I'd be hard-pressed to see these guys before the season started.

User Info: haveitdownpat

4 years ago#6
Cut Days
1) Ronald Talley (LE)
2) Ricky Lumpkin (DT)
3) Alfonso Smith (HB)
4) Curtis Taylor (SS)
5) Mike Gibson (C)
6) Kory Sperry (TE)
7) Paul Fanaika (RG)
8) Bradley Sowell (RT)
None of these guys impressed me. And I sent a rude-awakening to the locker room. Results, results, results. This is a results oriented business. You make plays, you make the team. If I don't see results, you get a walking paper.

1) Jeff King (TE) to Cleveland for 2014 Draft, Round 4
Jeff King's best days are behind him. We have younger, hungrier tight ends behind him. Cleveland was interested, so we made a deal. I'm going to do everything I can to stock-pile draft picks.


Alright, this is where I need your help!!! What would you like to see from this team during this season? What goals should I set up for myself to achieve? I'm the boss man, so I really can't lose my job. However, I always want to get better.

Post what you think. Thanks for following!

User Info: so4real

4 years ago#7
As an Arizona native and defacto Cardinals fan, this may be the best year of Cards football since the famed Superbowl run led by Kurt Warner.

Looking forward to see how this shapes up.

User Info: Hoboclaus

4 years ago#8
Mr Pat

I would challenge you to resign you potential free agents by week 4 or try and trade them to acquire the picks you will need.
"Exterminate all rational thought. That is the conclusion I have come to." Bill Lee

User Info: PoKeMoNsTrOsiTY

4 years ago#9
99% of what you did was what I would have done, pat

However, I'd have kept Jeff King one more year. He is a good blocking tight end and would have helped greatly in the running game.

User Info: DelDante

4 years ago#10
Coach Pat! Or should I say Mr Pat? *chuckles*

The O-line has proved to be leaky in the past, how will you be looking to change this, protect your QB and get the run game going? Sustaining drives is the key to winning games so surely this must be high on your list of priorities?
Yahoo Fantasy NFL 313 Legacy Champion 2012
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