How do I beat man coverage?

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User Info: Stewart_Bradley

4 years ago#1
It's so frustrating when playing online and all the opponent does is play man and all of the sudden their whole defense is a shut down corner. Slants? They always have linebackers in coverage waiting for that.

One game my offense looks like the broncos. The next game it looks like the jets. Super frustrating.

User Info: yourwisesage

4 years ago#2
Timing is key.

Slants will burn man coverage every time, but you have to throw it where the linebackers can't get it.
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User Info: darkstar1080

4 years ago#3
Run the ball? Double moves? Quick routes? If I know someone is running man always audible the TE to a zig. Open 99% of the time.
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User Info: MikeVicksDogs

4 years ago#4
10 and outs, outside posts. lead pass out for the ten an outs and lead pass down for posts
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User Info: jeffhockey12

4 years ago#5
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User Info: frogbong

4 years ago#6
Curl, though if you go to the well too many times it'll bite you.

Drag routes work well usually, and if someone is going man all day on me I'll have someone drag almost every play, just as a easy out.

Deep routes towards the middle

If they run a lot of man, run it till they choke.. when someone does it to me, I establish the run, then start looking for their weak spot. Punch a streak, air it out, and go get it
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User Info: frogbong

4 years ago#7
Also YouTube madden 25 man beaters
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User Info: Sam_Bradford14

4 years ago#8
Out routes. All. Day. Long.
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