Ok the griefing think needs to be fixed!!

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  3. Ok the griefing think needs to be fixed!!

User Info: AColdOnion

3 years ago#1
Thats two games now in a row..I was playing online and both games were great! I was winning 17-7 in the third quarter on one and them boom! the guy gets kicked for griefing!? I know if you run the same play over and over again it will boot you but he was not being effective with it and it wasent even every down... this is BS.

The second game I was losing 14-0 at half time but I managed to get the score to 14-10 in the fourth quarter "THIS IS WHERE IT GETS MESSED UP" there was like 2 or 3 minutes left in the game, I was coming back, "I picked him off inside his 20 and was about to score a TD and take the lead with very little time left then BOOM!!!! opponent has been kicked for griefing!?!?!?!?. WTF!? I HAD THE DANG BALL!! how is he gonna get kicked when I HAVE THE BALL!!!??

I really don't care that I got wins for both the games I just like the satisfaction of completing a game and being victorious. this greifing thing is stupid!!

User Info: KoRiy5000

3 years ago#2
In my limited experience ive noticef that whenever i get a 2 score lead they go offsides constantly to get griefed. Hate sore losers
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  3. Ok the griefing think needs to be fixed!!

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