Some tech info about reset game (potentially delete later)

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User Info: Ario_ID_320577

4 years ago#1
Hello all its me Ario

Its great to see u guys start investigating

I did search on CN website, knowing this game is original from Android platform, and pretty new to Iphone. The CN forum was just launched with less than 500 ppl active as well. But I did see people have done fast reset and which initial card are good

1. It seems like its possible to start with rarity 6 cards, and 5 is not hard to get
2, U dont need re-install game to reset
3. Didnt find way fast reset yet, but before reset, ur account after summon havent tired up to ur phone yet according to some pros, so u can pull the file out and save the monster, and could pull it back if fail summon any better one

More : /Libary/Preferences/com.madhead.tos.zh.plist , delete this file could reset game without re-install

If u ever get a good card first summon, pull out this file and save it. U could pull it back

Hope this bit info help u guys have a great start, and for sure I need u guys later.

User Info: Ario_ID_320577

4 years ago#2
One more note: Keep a list of 5 rarity cards and save them by name, dont drop it, it is ok to exchange first initial summon cards with others. But one time usage only.

User Info: LOBO1979

4 years ago#3
Can u please explain a bit more. I know you are translating to english from chinese, but i am a bit confused on specific instructions. :)

User Info: Mlazgon

4 years ago#4
Same there, want detailed info about reseting please. I Tried it on ipad but no success at all. :)

User Info: Balder_340735

4 years ago#5
is the File where game information are saved.

If you start playing there will be more files and a huge amount of data will be transfered to the server.
That's why manupulation this file is not a good idea.
And that's the reason why quick resetting doesn't work: Gems, cash and cards are not saved in this file but on the game server.

To reset game fast you can delete com.madhead.tos.en.plist.

And you can save com.madhead.tos.en.plist. on your PC after every try getting good start cards. If you think you want start game with a previous starting card you can save the backup-file back.

User Info: LOBO1979

4 years ago#6
Good info mate. Do you think youd be able to buy diamonds after getting a good card then using your diamonds to get a golden summon and if its crappy, use your trick to rest and do whole thing over? Or will you lose the diamonds the second time around?

User Info: colosher

4 years ago#7
i take it Cn as cyber nation and not cartoon network in this case ?
horror movies is comedy to me or am i just broken

User Info: AkumaOutsider

4 years ago#8
Umm I still don't understand. Sorry.
Could someone explain it a little easier please :)

User Info: LOBO1979

4 years ago#9
CN refers to Chinese version of game and forums

User Info: phongvo9989

4 years ago#10
Hi Ario and all you guys,

This reset guide is just for iphone, how about android? I want to reset android and save cards as well. I really like Fox devil, I reset the phone like 10-15 times and I also get super rare cards in top 5 but i still want to play Fox Devil.

After doing reset, I have to play tutorial again, i take quite long time, is there any reset that we dont have to do tutorial again?

I would like to buy Fox Devil account (fb, twitter or file for android or ipad. If you want to sell, pls let me know, thanks

My email:
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  3. Some tech info about reset game (potentially delete later)

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