Post-game item collection (spoilers)

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User Info: clayflute22422

4 years ago#121
OmegaSabre posted...
So I found a switch in the nexus area that I have absolutely no idea what it does. Might interest someone.
Basically I went to the rock in the nexus went down and use the swap top tiles technique to get to the bottom into the glitch area moved to the left and ended up in an area i can freely move around. It's somewhere there. Also an interesting thing i wiggle waggled to the red cube chest and opened the 49 door. Now if you exit the area and save and title it says 48 cards but when you return to that area it reads 49 and if you choose to save and title you at the top as well as the briar there seems to be a pic of young in like Link outfit. But only in that area. Also debug land does the big black swirly thing do anything?

Still monitoring this topic, only going to comment when something is totally a mistake - that button doesn't do anything, I forgot to delete it. Same w/ the extra swap in the red dungeon, and in the hint-less version of the garden puzzle the rocks being moved of to the right.
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User Info: BaloogyMcBoy

4 years ago#122
Haha dang, good find anyway though OmegaSabre!

Thanks for the update Clay!

Found and pressed the button anyway though, probably just a matter of time before we work it out, that said, I'm running out of ideas... Might mess around later today!

User Info: OmegaSabre

4 years ago#123
Well way to go me then. When you can access pretty much any area of the game stuff like this is bound to happen. And figured out the black swirly thingy. So that space where you get the red cube by wiggle waggling seems to always increase the card count by just being in it. I have 48 and whenever I visit that space it says 49. So I think the only card I'm missing is the Briar ( the one underneath Young ) and I assume it's in that treasure chest with the block puzzle. I'm thinking to solve that you need to get the programmers in the debug world and find all the color blocks in ???? maybe. I assume the one next to 49 door would be the red one so by that logic I need to find the purple one. Few places come to mind the weird temple back part with that 5,3 treasure, the room in hotel and that 1 extra key or the torches rooms in the well I call it circus part but I kinda checked all those out. But you can't really be sure you checked everything in a game like this. I guess I'll take a break for a while and see what happens.

User Info: BaloogyMcBoy

4 years ago#124
Omega, the card you're missing is in the debug world, the room with all the dust travel machines has a dust piece in it, move it to the water and make your way through the path inside (no easy feat!) and you should fine it if I'm remembering it correctly :)

You'll love seeing what's behind gate 49 :D I know I did! :D I actually laughed out loud :D

User Info: ILoveEverything

4 years ago#125
I figured out the color block puzzle. In the end, it was something relatively simple. Now I'm going to torture all of you by showing you this :

Let me give you just a hint.

You have overlooked something. Think of the way the original block puzzle was solved. You had to revisit different areas and notice the placement of objects on a grid. Now, where is a previously unused area with a grid and objects, hmm?

The solution came to me like a beautiful illumination. I will let you savor the same feeling.

User Info: BaloogyMcBoy

4 years ago#126
Holy moly! Nicely done Everything!

For fools like me who got here a little late, can someone recap how the original block puzzle was solved? It was to do with the statues that were moved right?

Edit: This area comes to mind but I suspect is not what you mean...

Edit2: Also this one which was bugging me a lot before, the white things says "Ah! You found me!"

User Info: OmegaSabre

4 years ago#127
I had 48 cards and got through the 49 card door by going to the chest area to the right of it. For some reason it increases your card count by 1. Soooo yeah. Well honestly I shouldn't be going there in the first place. I use the wiggle waggle way too much. I have a feeling I'll regret doing that. But hey I honestly thought that's how you get there since I found that out without even looking it up. The way this game has been so far it wouldn't surprise me XD
So the color puzzle has been solved eh. Alright let's do something with that hint then.

User Info: nintendowii77

4 years ago#128
Does the red cube puzzle have anything to do with the grid in the temple above the first temple? I found an R and a B within that grid, so I was thinking it might be showing where the red and blue blocks go. If this area doesn't have to do with the red block, then whats this area for? The cave with the light has a stone that talks about it so I figured it was important.

User Info: Lesondevie

4 years ago#129
Congratulations ILoveEverything for solving this weird puzzle. I wonder if these 13 ??? open something. ^^

PS: P 0,3
If you like Anodyne, you will love Zelda: Mystery of Solarus DX.

User Info: valcfield

4 years ago#130
sigh hate to admit i may need more of a hint. i'm assuming that...

this is in fact referring to the grid world. i've taken down coordinates for r/g/b and see the note here about P... but using a number of assumptions about the origin point still can't get that to work...

of course, maybe that assumption is wrong? or maybe i'm still msising something about how to plug it in...
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