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User Info: rnldrclla

4 years ago#11
where is that dungeon? i don't know where to go next.. sorry for questioning too much i am new to these games

User Info: nineteenday

4 years ago#12
In the screenshot you posted, that is one of the entrances to that dungeon. One screen north from there (if I recall) there is another entrance. Explore thoroughly, and you'll open further entrances, and eventually fight a boss

User Info: rnldrclla

4 years ago#13
i give up! can't still find anything! i explored this for 30 mins already and cant find anything. And this is also my last post!

User Info: rnldrclla

4 years ago#14
Im still stuck in the HELL! in the red part! tell me what to do please! im begging you i just friggen wasted time figuring out what to do. HELP!!

User Info: ohthecommotion

4 years ago#15
Attack the tentacles inside the dungeon, it opens up further entrances.

User Info: betatan

4 years ago#16
rnldrclla posted...
i dont see any portals left. i only see 2 of them.. can you please screenshot the map on where it is :(

Once inside the dungeons just hit those tentacle/root looking things (the ones with a shackle) and the other dungeons will appear.

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