Stuck at a jump puzzle. (Possible spoilers)

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User Info: Johnny-Eyeball

4 years ago#1
I assume this is part of the notorious jump puzzle mentioned on the official website for Anodyne. I just have no idea how to get across it. I've gotten stuck at two or three other jump puzzles earlier in the game but I always figured them out myself with enough practice.
I can't seem to get this one down.

This could be considered a spoiler I guess, though there's nothing particularly revealing. Either way, here's a screenshot of where I'm stuck:

I'm hoping someone can help me. I can always reach that part I'm standing on but I can't see a way of being able to jump far enough to reach the other side, unless I'm missing something.


User Info: philamike

4 years ago#2
You have to keep moving to keep your speed from the boost. Don't stop on that platform. Just keep running and jump again.
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  3. Stuck at a jump puzzle. (Possible spoilers)

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