[SPOILERS] 50 gate - 50 cards?

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User Info: RandomExistence

4 years ago#1
Hello guys.

I've finally reached the point at which I can say that I successfully beat the game and found all the 49 cards, items and "???" (cheers to ILoveEverything for his awesome guide).

I am still wondering about the "50 gate" in the Nexus area though and whether it is possible to advance through there and explore some more.
Is there a fiftieth card?

Thank you in advance.

User Info: valcfield

4 years ago#2
no 50th card (though there is a glitch to bring the count up to 50, it reverts to 49 on reloading game) and sean (dev) has confirmed that the gate does not open (though hinted a future patch might allow it if there is an adequate alternative to the current 'end' to the game)
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