Post-game help (spoilers)

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User Info: Zunamathedragoo

4 years ago#1
Im trying to get to the portal down twice and to the right from the blue forest dungeon waypoint where the statue moves. I can get to the screen but not actually into the room. Can anyone help me with the swap if i'm doing something wrong or some trick i don't know about

User Info: ILoveEverything

4 years ago#2
You can swap tiles from outside the screen either on the left or upper edges. These tiles are walk-able. You can also re-swap the same tile : once you place it in front of you, select it with the swap, walk on it, then swap the tile in front of you, then repeat.

edit : also, you can check the guide I posted in the FAQ section, there is an easier way to the teleporter if you have trouble using the swap tricks. In the FAQ section of the guide, there is a complete explanation on how to get to the archives.
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