Stuck with 36 cards--where to go?

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User Info: Shiny_Smeargle

4 years ago#1
I've got 36 cards (page 1, page 2, page 3 except the last card, and the orange dude card on page 4). Where can I go? I've got all the health upgrades, I think (16). All the nexus gateways that I've opened have gems, and the gateways I'm missing are all those on the path to the left of the middle, front gateway from the center.

Where can I go? Is there a gate higher than the 24 gate, like a 36 gate? Thanks!

User Info: TravelDemon

4 years ago#2
There is a 36 gate, go the "main" area, (where the girl with the bike lives) and go north west. You should reach an area with some holes in the ground. Jump over them and continue along the path to reach the final area.
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  3. Stuck with 36 cards--where to go?

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