Fake stairs in courtyard? (Spoilers)

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User Info: Nano Kitsune

Nano Kitsune
4 years ago#1
Past the 36 gate, in the grassy area where you first get the Swap attachment, the top-right corner contains some stairs. (It's the only corner the courtyard that doesn't have a stone to read)

If you swap the bushes out of the way, the stairs do nothing. Are they just fake or can you do something with them?
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User Info: valcfield

4 years ago#2
you can go in them once you've completed the questline about 'someone looking for something' or similar... npcs in the world tellign you they just ran into someone and he went off in X direction. eventually sends you to the stairs and you can go in... but nothing too special in there (just a stone telling you to try going somewhere that, if you have swap, you've probably already been to)
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  3. Fake stairs in courtyard? (Spoilers)

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