Here's a ****-simple method for MNM Fencer Alchemists that NO ONE can screw up!

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User Info: You_Need_A_Life

4 years ago#1
Alright, here it is, the Holy Grail. Once you get the hang of this, you should be able to kill all three Fencers without taking a single hit. Their AI is exactly the same regardless of what difficulty you're on and the only thing that changes is how much damage they cause to YOU, so play on Hero or Normal and practice until perfect. This works with all three characters, and it's ****-simple; no complex combos to memorize, no BS tactics, just straight-up strategic play that even new comers shouldn't have trouble with. I've tested this with Ryu, Kasumi and Ayane personally, on every difficulty to make sure that there's nothing they do on MNM that they don't do otherwise, and it's solid.

Fight starts. If you wanna charge up your UT before they show up, or use Ninpo during the fight, power to you. The game-plan here is to continually dash-jump around the perimeter of the area, avoiding the projectiles they toss at you. Now when you're far from them, they'll all charge up a powerful pure white fireball and fire them all at once. Pick one of the Fencers who's away from the others and wait for that white fireball. As SOON as they fire them off, jump in and do a >TTT. The first T will break his guard, and the following two Ts will damage him. If it connects, do another, and as many as you want until the other Fencers come after you. I wouldn't try for more than three combos, but if the first doesn't connect, just back off or he'll punish you.

Your timing needs to be good - they're only vulnerable to attack for about a half second after they shoot the fireball, so you'll already need to be in the air and close by when they fire them, but they charge up for a good second or two, so you'll have plenty of time to prepare. For that half second after firing the fireball, they're 100% open to >TTT with any character, so who you are doesn't even matter as long as your timing is good.

Pick one, and stick with him until he's dead. The most important thing here is to not get greedy - if you're not in a good position to quickly jump down and make the attack, don't bother, 'cause you'll get hurt. This will be slightly time-consuming, but it's 100% effective and completely takes away the luck-based tactic of spamming UTs and hoping your timing is just perfect so as to avoid the fireball while also being close enough to actually connect.

Once you've killed two of them, the last will stop with the white fireball, so all you need to do at this point is, while staying in the air at all time, move back and forth and wait for him to attack, then jump in for more >TTT. Once you connect, you can pretty much just spam >TTT over and over again until he dies.

There, suddenly that UT spamming nonsense seems really hard and not worth the grief, eh? Ha ha! Enjoy!

User Info: Team_Ninja

4 years ago#2
I also found that the best time to go on the attack was after they blasts those white fireballs. But Instead of attacking them with TTT or other combos like you suggested, I still utilize the UT. Primarily because I still feel unsafe and uncomfortable being that close to them. I rather minimize my risk and stay at a safe distance, but close enough where I can still hit them with my UT charged. If they come any closer before I can at least reach level 1 charge, then I just release early to break their attack and dodge immediately.

The alchemists and fencers on both chapters are no longer an issue for me. I can go take them down without being hit or having to use a ninpo. But yup, good of you to bring to people's attention that the best time to go on the attack is AFTER they've tried blasting you with the white fireballs.

User Info: SigmaAlastor

4 years ago#3
How do you think Hayashi intended them to be fought?
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User Info: Raeng

4 years ago#4
I assume this is with Ryu? That said, you can also Flying Swallow No Skill spam them to death. It literally takes forever as they dodge it like wild animals but it's pretty darn safe surprisingly.
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User Info: You_Need_A_Life

4 years ago#5
Raeng posted...
I assume this is with Ryu?

I posted...
I've tested this with Ryu, Kasumi and Ayane personally...

User Info: predgb

4 years ago#6
You can loop them with the 360y on any character. And you can just ut b4 spawn, UT after every singlecast emote of their fireballs.

Thats it, you get them down everytime without getting hit on ayane stage. On Ryu stage jsut keep a sandbag for more saftey and just jump over and spamm UT, thats the easiest way.

No1 can screw those up, alchemists are cake

User Info: HiCEctoCooler

4 years ago#7
Seems like a lot of trouble for enemies who'll just stand around and take a single-charge UT without any fight... Seriously, get off a UT then before it finishes start holding Triangle down to prep another, it will finish charging just before or right as the enemy gets up and you just pop him again.

If you catch a spare one you're not focused on comin' in to give you a hug, pop him, if they start throwing balls, UT through them. Cake. Walk.

User Info: You_Need_A_Life

4 years ago#8
The thing is that their AI is designed to start charging the fireball projectile if you start charging a UT, and they charge theirs before you can reach full charge, and depending on your distance, the ones definitely out of range will charge while those within UT range will attack physically.

Now UT spam can work if your timing is perfect, but a lot is left up to chance due to occasional delayed charging of their Fireballls, so if you;re out of UT range and purposefully whiff it to avoid the fireballs, another might hit you after anyway.

The UT spam is easy enough on lower modes, but many of the newer guys are having immense trouble with this battle on MNM where a single fireball is close to, if not, fatal. Personally, I don't bother with UT except for at the very start, and I don't actually use this method exactly as I described; I just fight them with combos every time there's an opening, but the guys that are inexperienced were having a really hard time with these guys. The method I wrote down is for them, so they can finish the battle without relying on luck as much while still having a simple, straight-up method to follow.

User Info: final_chance

4 years ago#9
They never start charging their fireballs quick enough to stop my UT. It's very rare they do, and I've gone in and UT spammed everytime I was just farming Karma for costume unlocks. That's why I'm not sure how other people struggle with a UT spam strategy. Yes, they do sometimes do the fireballs and they do launch them at me, but I can always get my UT charged before they make impact. A lot of times it looks like I finished charging and released just as they make impact, but I don't take any damage.

I think it may be because I always make sure to start charging within the range of the alchemists. No point charging a UT if I'm not gonna be close enough to hit it. Seems like this makes them less likely to attempt fireballs.
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User Info: HiCEctoCooler

4 years ago#10
Yeah, the UT way isn't exactly luck nor does it require skill. If anything, newer people should use it. If they can't learn the ins-and-outs of the UT, it's iFrames, etc. then MNM is not for them to begin with.

And no, the AI is not set to charge when you charge, it just works out that way -sometimes- but like final_chance said, our charges are faster than theirs, and it's by a decent amount. In the case you're too slow or they are stagger casting, UT through it.
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  3. Here's a ****-simple method for MNM Fencer Alchemists that NO ONE can screw up!

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