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Is A PS Vita Version Inevitable?

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  3. Is A PS Vita Version Inevitable?

User Info: JillV

4 years ago#1
It wouldn't surprise me since the way Tecmo is been doing business, they just ported 2 NGS games to the Vita, they might wait about 6 months and announce it with features like cross co-op Ninja Trials with the PS3 version and whatnot, AMIRITE?

User Info: istuffedsunny

4 years ago#2
Eh, don't care either way. Never played a good action game that ran at 30fps
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User Info: Dersu_Uzala

4 years ago#3
Considering how NGS2+ turned out, I'd be surprised if it ran at ten frames a second.

User Info: MonsterWafflez

4 years ago#4
people forget about NG2's performance issues lol

User Info: LegendXP

4 years ago#5
I really hope so. the framerate slips a bit with NGS2+, but I also had the 360 version of NG2, and even that had framerate issues(albeit less than NGS2+).
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  2. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
  3. Is A PS Vita Version Inevitable?

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