is my game glitched or is it just cheap piece of %$%$

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  3. is my game glitched or is it just cheap piece of %$%$

User Info: godslayer61

4 years ago#1
I have beat all ng games on the hard diffuclty even this one on the wii u but i got this for my ps3 yesterday and the guy in the reed hood would kill me in 3 hits and now the dinosaur kills me in two hits or touches any way im on normal setting so wt is going on,2 hits is crazy plus i barly dent him when i hit him.
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User Info: g-gill24

4 years ago#2
In ngs2 you did in one hit so 2 hit is a blessing xd

User Info: Billysan

4 years ago#3
Don't get hit...

Also upgrade your health.

I consider this game's normal and hard to be a lot easier than the Normal modes in past games.
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User Info: toxiccargo

4 years ago#4
keep ur calm and work out how to get close to the boss for those crucial hits dont get greedy move out quick, patience and perseverence is of utmost relevance for this series and the game.if u have played black and ninja gaiden 2 and so on then u should know better as this game u can atleast see urself whereas if i can remember correctly ninja gaiden 2 master ninja mode u wouldnt even know what hit u n dead.

but like i said patience and learnin the pattern of ur enemy is the key to victory.

User Info: wilyninja

4 years ago#5
Don't even worry about beating a boss right away, just dance around and learn his/her/its patterns. Then let it connect with a few hits to learn what's blockable and not.

Ease into counter-attacks when you're able and try different (faster) weapons.

Youtube might help?

If you really did play the others on upper difficulties this should all be second nature.
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  3. is my game glitched or is it just cheap piece of %$%$

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