Worst CoD EVER?

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User Info: jamesr420

3 years ago#1
Is it just me or do this seem like the absolute worst call of duty game ever made for multiplayer? I have been playing call of duty online since the midnight release of call of duty 4 modern warfare. I have to say every year , they seem to get worse and worse , and this year , it's just hit an all time low. Now ill list the reasons I dislike the game , and you guys can give me your input on it.

Reasons CoD Ghosts is garbage IMO :
1. Support streaks - you shouldn't reward newbs.
2. Specialist - over powered for any player with moderate or better aim/reaction time.
3. Ranking system/soldiers - really? Could t just do create a class? Running low on ideas cod?
4. Battlefield size maps - now granted they aren't exactly as big , but the maps on this cod are way to large for 6v6.
5. Too many camping spots - you run for an objective only to get shot by some guy sitting in a window 3 stories above you...
6. Removing demolition/broken demolition - honestly I'd rather them remove it then have a broken version like mw3 had, but still , why not have demolition like mw2/black ops 1? Oh yeah bad kids complained on forums about spawn trapping. I forgot.
7. Removing search and destroy - terrible idea , been a popular and fun competitive game mode since call of duty 4 modern warfare. It was so great for GB/Competitive play.(I heard they will add it back , but still the cons greatly outweigh the pros.)
8. It's made by the new infinity ward. - shouldn't have let mw1/mw2 developers go , your franchise is doomed. 250k players on midnight release? What a joke for a cod game.

To this day I try to hold every call of duty that comes out up the the standards of call of duty 4 modern warfare , it seems like none of them have the great maps , balance , and over all fun.

Feel free to flame me fanboys. Opinions please?
It is what it is.

User Info: mcPhilabusta

3 years ago#2
MOMMY! WHens daddy coming back from heaven?

User Info: bond465

3 years ago#3
I totally agree. Also no SnD is a deal breaker.

User Info: Edot0

3 years ago#4
I agree. I shouldn't have traded in Blops2 for this.....
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User Info: hawklight924

3 years ago#5
Worst post ever.

User Info: jamesr420

3 years ago#6
Thanks guys I'm glad you agree! I knew I wasn't the only one who smelled dog s*** in my car when I was driving home with this game. And thanks for your opinion on my post , I'm glad you don't like it!
It is what it is.

User Info: superal1966

3 years ago#7
You make some valid points, but I think CoD is coming to the end of it's life cycle anyway, even if Ghosts was a critically acclaimed phenomenal success.

There are exceptions, but people need change after a while and most good things come to an end.

User Info: jamesr420

3 years ago#8
It's just such a shame that they ran such a good franchise into the ground. They listened to all the wrong parts of the community. Took to many ideas and suggestions from casual gamers and implemented them. And the fans like me who have been here since the beginning are just left like WTF ARE YOU THINKING?
It is what it is.

User Info: Howatizer

3 years ago#9
Removing SnD seems really odd, not that it affects me much as I typically play TDM most of the time, but a lot of the buddies I play with are SnD junkies.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

3 years ago#10
jamesr420 posted...

1. Support streaks - you shouldn't reward newbs.

You shouldn't 'reward' anyone, streaks skew competition. If you're doing well enough to earn high streaks you don't need to weigh the odds in your favor anymore. I played a few games that didn't have streaks and realized how stupid they are. All streaks should be of a support nature that your whole team benefits from, if we must have them.
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