How do I change my NAT type to open?

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  3. How do I change my NAT type to open?

User Info: darkstar1080

4 years ago#1
I just changed my internet provider and now my NAT type is moderate. I didn't think it was too big of a deal until I noticed I couldn't connect to a few of my friends. I google'd it and it gave me a bunch of 30 minute, confusing tutorials. Is there not a simple option to change it back to open? Do I need to call my provider and have them change it? Thanks.
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User Info: g goonit

g goonit
4 years ago#2
new internet provider usually means new router/modem or even a router modem combo like comcast gave me. anyway start the google search with the exact model you have should be able to narrow it down more. alot of the port forwarding and or upnp arent applicable to each router and you might make it worse

User Info: OneSickJDMBB6

4 years ago#3
its all in your router settings, NOT your internet.

Go here
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User Info: ukmarts

4 years ago#4
Most routers have DMZ settings. These bypass any firewall settings your router has.

Find your router IP through command prompt > ipconfig.

Its usually or

Set your PS3 to use a manual IP. for example and the change your router DMZ settings to allow that IP to bypass the firewall.

User Info: 1st_BaD_CompanY

4 years ago#5
Google ps3 nat type.
I logged into my router and it prompted me for an update which miraculously solved my problem

User Info: Ocelot4444

4 years ago#6
this game is stupid. It either makes my nat type either open or moderate when it's been open for all past call of duty games.
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  3. How do I change my NAT type to open?

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