How to unlock Bart

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User Info: Bakz

3 years ago#1
Well how do you this? I am on level 13 now. I though you could get him on level 11.

I checked various videos on youtube but I still aint got the quest for Millhouse and Lisa to walk to school which will unlock the Bart Crusoe quest which in turn will let me get Bart.

I dunno what I am doing wrong.

The latest character I got was Mr Burns. My current quests are Brew Moonshine for Cleatus, build the cooling towers, and for Krusty take Mr Teeny for a walk which I am all doing currently btw.
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User Info: graffffffffik

3 years ago#2
Bart is automatically unlocked with his treehouse - make sure to do all ! events - keep building houses - upgrade your stars as far as possible - eventually he'll pop up - it sometimes will matter if you do certain events before another - that it's delayed
also note if a player is in a long quest (like 24 hours) that character may be needed for events to update so those on the tutorial try to keep free to get that event going

User Info: Jiero82

3 years ago#3
Actually from what I can tell stars have no bearing on quests as I'm getting the quest just fine and I took out every piece of fluff for now. Just have to have the character free for when it triggers and follow the quest chains until it unlocks, which can take a while when you have to build stuff to progress.

The stars do give a very slight bonus to xp and money earned though.

User Info: Bakz

3 years ago#4
I have done a lot of more quests since my original post and I still can't get the Bart Crusoe quest to bloody well unlock and am now level 14. This is getting annoying.
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User Info: outcast1398

3 years ago#5
Early on for me the characters showed up well past their "available at" level. I think all that is implying is that you are well ahead on your experience but still catching up in the story.

Try websites like etc for walk through guides. Should give you an idea on how far away you are.

User Info: GamblerOfFate

3 years ago#6
Finish all the "Its pronounced Nu-Cular" quests and it should show up
I'd rather we just skip the formalities.

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