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User Info: nswayne

4 years ago#1
Does anyone have any recommendations for which bonuses Mario and Luigi should have? There's 14 bonuses to choose from, and they can only use 5 each.

User Info: BlueMage82

4 years ago#2
Extra gear slots should have priority imo and then I'd go for extra jump power and more damage w/ lucky hits. But I suppose extra defense or more POW with every level up aren't bad ideas either, basically it's your choice and what you prefer.

User Info: Gameandwatch2

4 years ago#3
Extra gear slots are the most useful bonus overall, though if you plan on getting the stat boosting bonuses, getting them sooner then later would be best.

In the case of the latter, it's worth noting that it's much easier to farm stat boosting items then in previous games, though.
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User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#4
While quick exp kind of sucks you will wish you have it ASAP especially later in game when you want to go from level 30 to 40 since I beat most of the previous games below level 40.

That and if you want to level max to level 99 the extra exp is a must so once the US version gets released I'm still going to chose quick exp first.

User Info: Rubner5

4 years ago#5
Keeping in mind that Luigi is the less important character of the two battle-wise because he is not directly playable during half of the game (dream world sections), I think it is a good idea to give the best bonuses to Mario, because only Luigi's attack and stache stats matter in the dream world battles and most bonuses chosen for Luigi do not apply in dreamy battles.

My picks:

-''HP Up+'' (Gives you an additional +2 HP every time you gain a level.) : Mario's HP gets multiplied by 1.5 in dream world battles, so it is a huge help. The earlier you choose the stat+ bonuses,the more effective they get. Also I like to keep the brothers balanced. Eventually, Mario's HP will surpass Luigi's.

-''Gear Slot +1'' (X2) (Increases your apparel slots by one, letting you use more gear!) : This is a
must-have. TWICE. Seriously, when you get to the last rank you can buy overpowered gear and
before then there are pretty good options, for example the Guard Shell equips (these are
specially useful in hard mode)

-''Casual Bros.'' (Makes Bros./Luiginary Attacks cost half the BP they normally do.) : Note that if
you choose it for Luigi, it will not apply to the luiginary attacks, so you only get half the effect.
Also it stacks with the Bros.Ring, making the final Bros. attack for Mario only cost 4 BP!

-''Quick Healer'' (Makes restoration items restore 200% of what they normally do, in battle) : If
you wanna choose this, choose it for Mario because it is really annoying when you are battling
the dreamy bosses at the gauntlet thingy with 400 HP and you see that the best mushroom
ONLY RESTORES 160 HP. Makes 1up mushs act like 1up deluxes.

Now for Luigi:

-''POW Up+'' (Gives you an additional +1 POW every time you gain a level.) : As I said earlier,
only Luigi's attack and stache stat matter in the dream world. This plus the HP+ for Mario makes
you get two characters with high attack and HP.

-''Gear Slot +1'' (X2) (Increases your apparel slots by one, letting you use more gear!) : Same as

-''Badge Stock +1'' (Adds an additional effect stock for your badges.) : You will get the same
benefits no matter the brother you choose so it is better to give this to luigi in my opinion as
most bonuses given to Luigi do not or only work partially in dream battles.

-''Big Lucky'' (Boosts the power of Lucky Hits so you can deliver 200% the normal damage.)
Three reasons to not give this to Mario : 1- Luigi has more base stache than Mario.
2- THREE WORDS: SLINGSNIPPER CRITICAL HIT. 3- This does apply to luiginary attacks
like Luiginary stack when given the bonus to Luigi, I suppose that if you give this to Mario, only
dreamy attacks made by him get the boost (Ex: final hit in Luiginary stack)

If you are impatient, you can choose the EXP. bonuses, but that will be worse in the long run
because you lose better bonuses.


User Info: Icemario11

4 years ago#6
I recommend Gear Slot (X2), the Badge Stock, Big Lucky and Casual Bros.. That's what I did, at least.

Gear Slot (X2) is the best of them all. Some gear items recreate some of these skills, too, so that's something to note. It's not wise to not get these.

Badge Stock is also quite useful, seeing as you can get a maximum of four stocks, and badge effects can be incredibly awesome in this game.

HP Up+, POW Up+ and BP Up+ are redundant as you can get an infinite amount of beans in this game.

There's gear and badge items that do what Quick Level does, and the faster levels isn't really needed when you've got those if it's that bad. Like the EXP badge stock that gives you +30% of the total EXP in the battle you use it in.

Iron Body is, while more useful than the stat bonuses, just is made redundant by the fact you can have 999 DEF if you try, and if you can dodge attacks well, you don't even need this.

Jump Man and Hammerhead are too situational. You'd probably be using plenty of Bros. Attacks when your arsenal is larger, so the solo-jump/hammer power boost is pretty useless.

Counterer is also just too situational. You don't do as much damage during counters usually, anyway, and you can't always counter enemies.

Like the past three skills above, Shroom EXP probably only works in-battle and is just too situational. You'd only ever use a single Mushroom in a normal battle, and for all you know, the EXP boost could be tiny per Mushroom.

Big Lucky gets you double damage per Lucky Hit. It's only useful late-game as that's when you're getting many more Lucky Hits as your STACHE should be much higher by then (esepcially if you wear the King Wear) and that's probably when you have access to it. Plus you'll be doing plenty of damage by then, so double damage would be killer.

Casual Bros. halves Bros./Luiginary attack BP costs permanently. You can stack that with a certain gear item and have your moves cost 1-4 BP (though that's probably not necessary). that's insanely useful to have if you have the gear item that gives you two attack turns, because you can use the same move twice for that bro, and have it 2 for the price of one. Just a thought.This is especially useful for Mario.

Quick Healer is pretty redundant, if you ask me. A certain gear item makes it so you can fully heal yourself (though it's just one bro) at no cost, so you can't really double that. It might be useful if you're using Nuts or something, but I doubt it.

Regardless, just choose what works for you.

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