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User Info: Sketchie

4 years ago#11
ffdgh posted...
Sketchie posted...
Finally got my hands on a pair of Farmer Boots.

Which dreams would be the best places to farm for beans? Preferably ones with enemies near the portal so I can fight and leave to reset them.

The best one For me is the one in driftwood shore inside that cave where you got one of the ultibed parts. There should be a pi'illo on a ledge inside. Go inside the dream and go to the right till you see that blooper pot enemy. Just walk off the edge on top of it to get a first strike and all the spinys will die and you'll get beans. The blooper pot will survive so run and rinse and repeat :D

Wow. That's... actually a very good farming spot for beans.

Thanks for the tip! :D
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User Info: latiasz

3 years ago#12
I got two within 10 minutes.

User Info: PaperDolphin

3 years ago#13
I just went through Bowser's Castle twice and still didn't find any :(
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User Info: WayoshiM

3 years ago#14
Wow, they're a 1% drop? With Gift Gloves DX I naturally got them while playing through the first time. Lucky me!
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User Info: waffles1029

3 years ago#15
WayoshiM posted...
Wow, they're a 1% drop? With Gift Gloves DX I naturally got them while playing through the first time. Lucky me!

Without Gift Gloves I got them about halfway through the castle. :D
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User Info: BlueDryBones1

3 years ago#16
Anyone know their rarity with gift gloves DX? I still haven't found one and I hope to be able to in my next playthrough.

User Info: Balthor 2001

Balthor 2001
3 years ago#17
I don't know about their rarity with Gift Gloves DX but it took me about a hundred flaming antasmatons before I got my first pair. I then switched back to Charge Gloves and Charge Gloves DX and got a second pair in my third battle. This game be trolling.
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User Info: ffdgh

3 years ago#18
Gift gloves dx are somewhere in the main dreamy somnom woods somewhere...I think

I think they're in that puzzle path to the right when you first enter it. Read the top sign and ko all the birds.
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User Info: KevKing_24

3 years ago#19
I have been viewing over many strategies for bean farming, and they are all good ways of going about this. But I believe mine is the best (no offense to other techniques) First, go to Somnom Woods and enter the dream world where you found the Zeekeeper. Once you enter the dream world, (make sure MARIO is wearing the farmer boots. This won't work if Dreamy Luigi wears them) walk to left side of the flowers and go down the green pipe. Fight all three enemies in the room. I find that using the Luiginary Ball works best for me. Make sure that all of your attacks use the boots. (jump,luiginary ball, or luiginary stack) Once you have defeated all three, proceed to the room in the back. Go down the pipe and you will be taken back to the previous room. Now walk a little further and you will see the same three enemies! Repeat as many times until you have as many beans as you like! I hope you find this method to be the most effective.

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