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User Info: steph o mac

steph o mac
4 years ago#91
cazashaw posted...
Goten55 posted...
mcmax3000 posted...
Stephanie McMahon

That is all I needed.

Same! Nobody else matters!

Same for me!!!

Zelda > Peach

User Info: G-Ziss

4 years ago#92
It's a good thing they included Stephanie McMahon. Otherwise, they would have a riot on their hands. Hell, I'd buy it even if Stephanie was the ONLY person on the roster.

User Info: cazashaw

4 years ago#93
I really don't see why they have The Rock on the cover TBH. It should be Stephanie!
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User Info: KHWyvern

4 years ago#94
Dondo1978 posted...
KHWyvern posted...
Just as I feared, no Kevin Nash or Scott Hall.

**** you to 2K

you have diesel and razor ramone. who the hell cares about their generic gimmicks?

Not only that, but with the new Superstar Heads mode in CAW, they can be VERY EASILY created.

Though I doubt the names Scott, Hall, Kevin and Nash are going to be included in the list, and I also doubt that the nWo logo itself is going to be in.
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