So who of the following do you think will actually make it as DLC?

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  3. So who of the following do you think will actually make it as DLC?

User Info: WickedSickJosh

3 years ago#1
Alicia Fox
Big E Langston
Bray Wyatt
Brie Bella
Curtis Axel
Erick Rowan
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Luke Harper
Nikki Bella
Rob Van Dam
Summer Rae
Tyson Kidd

None of these wrestlers on the current roster are confirmed as being in-game. Some debuted too late, but either way, there's quite a bit of wrestlers missing. There's a possibility of them being DLC though. Likely, not all of them. I also left out guys like Curt Hawkin or Yoshi Tatsu since those guys haven't been relevant in years.

Anyone else amazed that the Bellas get a showed focused on them and neither Bellas or Funkadactlyes make it in?
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User Info: WingedRegent

3 years ago#2
Honestly, compared to last year, this is an improvement for what it's worth.

That said, I see the Bellas/Funkadactyls as DLC as well as the Wyatts, Usos, Fandango, and Axel.
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User Info: Zokuto_Nanaya

3 years ago#3
Big E and Fandango will probably be DLC. RVD and the Wyatts are a bit sketchier since they came a bit later in development. They'll probably throw in some divas too, since they always seem to have at least one diva on the current roster that ends up being DLC for some reason....
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User Info: rocky505

3 years ago#5
The only ones I see possible for DLC are

Big E
Brie Bella
Nikki Bella
Jimmy Uso
Jey Uso
Roddy Piper
Bruno Sammartino
Mr. Perfect

User Info: TheRob

3 years ago#6
RVD will most likely make it. They'll just reuse his model from 2011 most likely.
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User Info: Dictator_Rich

3 years ago#7
RVD, Curtis Axel, Paul Heyman, Fandango, Big E, Bray Wyatt, Usos, Bellas.

Roddy Piper, Mr. T, Bobby Heanan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Ministry Undertaker, Trish Stratus
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User Info: Saxon

3 years ago#8
Alicia Fox - nope she's already halfway gone from the company

Big E Langston - maybe

Bray Wyatt - absolutely not

Brie Bella - nope. She was completely done with WWE when 2K14 was in development

Cameron - nope. She was merely window dressing for Clay when 2K14 was in development

Curtis Axel - nope he wasn't being used when 2K14 was in development

Erick Rowan - see Bray Wyatt

Fandango - Maybe

Jey Uso - nope because it doesn't make sense to have 'em as DLC two years in a row

Jimmy Uso - see Jey

Luke Harper - see Bray Wyatt

Naomi - see Cameron

Nikki Bella - see Brie

Rob Van Dam - he was working for TNA when 2K14 was in development

Summer Rae - nope and not needed anyway even if Fandango is in

Tyson Kidd - maybe

User Info: wwfpooh

3 years ago#9
Alicia Fox - Nope, she's already halfway gone from the company

Big E Langston - Highly possible, due to his involvement in the AJ and Ziggler storyline earlier this year

Bray Wyatt - Debuted too late

Brie Bella - All that would need done is to carry over the WWE13 models, so it's probable

Cameron - She might just be an entrance prop for Brodus Clay again (and maybe for Tensai, too)

Curtis Axel - If they could update the Michael McGillicutty model with the proper attire, titantron, and theme music, maybe

Erick Rowan - See Bray Wyatt

Fandango - given that he won his debut match at Wrestlemania against Jericho, I'd say yes

Jey Uso - They've been the number one contenders for the tag belts two years running, so who knows

Jimmy Uso - See Jey Uso

Luke Harper - See Bray Wyatt

Naomi - See Cameron

Nikki Bella - See Brie Bella

Rob Van Dam - Despite missing the roster cut-off, he's probably too popular to not include (especially since he was promoted heavily prior to his return anyway), so I've giving him a decent chance to be in

Summer Rae - If in at all, she'll probably just be an entrance prop for Fandango

Tyson Kidd - Has been irrelevant since The Hart Dynasty died off, so highly unlikely, despite being Natalya's husband (Would that mean that divas Maryse and Michelle McCool get free passes back into WWE games, simply because they're engaged/married to The Miz and Undertaker?) or being on Total Divas recently, since no one who actually wants true women's wrestling likes that reality TV garbage anyway

Roddy Piper - His shirt is in-game, a video package with him is in-game, and there is a possibility of an "Off Script" section to the main story that might include Piper, so it's highly that he'll be in-game as DLC

Jim Duggan - His shirt is in-game so he may be part of a legends DLC pack

Big Boss Man - See Jim Duggan

Rick Rude - See Jim Duggan

Bruno Samartino - A definite DLC contender, since he himself confirmed his inclusion

Goldust - If Piper is somehow lucky enough to be in an "Off Script" section to the main 30 Years of Wrestlemania campaign, I see the Backlot Brawl of Wrestlemania 12 making it in (not just because it was the real main event to Wrestlemania 12 due to Piper being WWE president at the time, but because all the Backlot Brawl would need to be is a parking lot brawl match that allows for the two to somehow make it back to the ring, following a cutscene involving the chase between Goldust in the gold caddie and Piper in a white van), especially since Goldust has been a key component of current WWE television as of late, concerning the storyline firing of his half-brother, Cody Rhodes

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User Info: Diesel95

3 years ago#10
lol if we get Jim duggen and No Psycho Sid i will revolt lol.
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