What was it about Goldberg that made people go crazy in WCW?

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User Info: Sipher360

4 years ago#1
Still can't believe that we're seeing Goldberg, Brock, and Warrior in a WWE game, the same game. Very glad to be able to play with them again. If it had Scott Steiner and Angle it'd be too unreal.

On topic: People loved Goldberg back then. But, what was it about him that made him so over with the fans? He didn't really have a radical or larger than life gimmick--i.e. Sting, Warrior, and Hollywood Hogan. Wasn't a particularly huge guy like the Giant.

A lot of hardcore wrestling fans do not like him, but I always thought he was a cool character. Mainly because he actually looked like an athlete and moved like one. And the spear was the truth... Not to mention, I don't think I had really seen anything like the jackhammer at the time.

What did others like about him? Just curious. I kinda know why people disliked him.
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User Info: Devilanse333

4 years ago#2
I think hardcore fans didn't like him because he didn't really put in the time like others did. He just showed up and they pushed him. Plus his matches were only like 10 seconds long.
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User Info: Y2J1223

4 years ago#3
In an era filled with gimmicks like Glacier, Val Venis, Goldust and Luchadors coming out of the wood works. I believe Goldbergs popularity came from the fact that UFC was suddenly taking over Boxing as the number one real fighting sport. As a result UFC with the likes of Shamrock, Severn, and Gracie were real fighters with raw abilities.

Insert Goldberg, the guy talked rarely and let his intense physical nature speak for itself. Whereas Austin could talk and wrestle Goldberg had the power to do things to guys like the Giant and Hogan that others couldn't do.

To fans of the late 90s. Goldberg was the closest real fighter we had to the intensity and popularity UFC brought. The WWE brought in Shamrock and Severn but made them change there ground and pound style and turned them
into grapplers and entertainers. Goldberg came in destroyed his opponent and walked away. That brought appeal and dominance. Kind of how most UFC fights don't last more than 5 minutes. The streak eventually grew and while Austin was nurturing his neck injuries. Goldberg took off. Problem was creatively once you took the streak away and made Goldberg talk he eventually just became a part of the show as opposed to the main attraction. If Goldberg came to the WWE with a similar formula he would've had a better chance of having that IT factor again. Problem was too many egos in the WWE namely HHH wasnt going to let that happen and instead Goldbergs style was forced to change and this made him look weak in the process to the point where guys would complain backstage of him being too stiff in the ring. Goldberg was fun while it lasted but his weaknesses was that he was unable to adapt as the times changed. No new moves, no new catch phrases, nothing. That and he eventually was only in it for the money and had no real passion for the business hence why he hardly tried unless he had too

User Info: A-Court

4 years ago#4
Hard to put it down to just One thing. He had awesome finisher's. His moveset was pretty good. He had Presence like no other i guess. I dont know to be honest.
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User Info: Foreman22

4 years ago#5
Hardcore WWE fans don't like because he is the biggest name that Vince never created.

User Info: WingedRegent

4 years ago#6
As a kid, I liked his in-ring intensity, his look, and his moveset in the ring. It was badass to see this mute, snarling beast spearing people halfway across the ring before planting them with a Jackhammer while also being agile enough to have a quick, striking exchange with Glacier where he back-flipped over a leg sweep. Couple that with him going after the NWO and dethroning Hogan, and you got yourself a mega appeal factor.
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User Info: rikkulu

4 years ago#7
People liked him because of his sheer dominance and intensity which was somewhat rare back then. He had some cool moves and it certainly didn't hurt looking similar to another popular wrestler during that time (Austin).

I think some don't like him because he got pushed so fast, he only puts on squash matches, his wrestling skills weren't all that great, he ended Bret's career, and he is known to be a dick in real life.

User Info: SaviorGabriel

4 years ago#8
I think with the nWo running rampant at the time, WCW needed something to offset that. It was a case of too many bad guys, not enough good guys, basically. Goldberg was in the right place at the right time, and thus became a hit.
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User Info: WickedSickJosh

4 years ago#9
I think it was because he was a breath of fresh air. WCW was very much a "here's a match with the nWo interfering" show. It was great to see someone different and new for a change. Plus he was a character no other federation had at that time, a silent ass-kicking monster. He just went out there, no flashy lights or flashy attire, and just kicked the crap out of his opponent.

I never cared for Goldberg personally, but it's easy to see why he was so likable.
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User Info: wcwwolf

4 years ago#10
For me, in his first match when he got up from No Laughing Matter, I turned to my friends with me and said, "Man, I hope this guy's on our side and not nWo." That had me sold, and the fact that some of those spears looked like he could have cleaved a man in twain sealed the deal completely.
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