Will the commentary finally be as good as other 2K Sports games?

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  3. Will the commentary finally be as good as other 2K Sports games?

User Info: Louis275

3 years ago#1
Also I can't wait to see the next gen version.

User Info: dasean010

3 years ago#2
Lol no
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User Info: Sebastiaaaaaaan

3 years ago#3
No, Yukes is still developing it, meaning it's the same robotic, pausing commentary.
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User Info: Edbean1977

3 years ago#4
I hate to jump on the negativity bandwagon, but the videos have kind of already proven that commentary lacks. J.R.'s health is too poor for him to perform (he sounds very disinterested and monotone so far) and while King sounds more excitable, there are still some really 'off' calls. Such as ABA Taker's entrance, they're like 'these 2 are ready for a fight!' or something, when ABA is the only one out there.

Its not a major thing to me, I'm pumped for the game and buying it day one, but I go into them with pretty low expectations for the commentary. :P

User Info: KHWyvern

3 years ago#5
Judging by the entrance and finisher videos, nope, not at all.
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User Info: Dart_Feld7

3 years ago#6
It's the same people reading the lines. It won't improve until they put some solid effort into it.
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User Info: Glover33448

3 years ago#7
Does 2K hire actors to voice their other games still? It's been a long time since I played one. I think that was the key really. Someone like JR is not going to give the emotion he has in real calls because it's a game. I think a lot of his emotion in the Attitude Era came from the fact that those were "his guys" in a lot of cases, guys he hired and was friends with. When Foley was thrown off the Cell that wasn't just a call for him, that was a guy he knew and cared about taking an outrageous risk to entertain people. To someone with his feelings it's probably hard to get excited about a video game (remember his age and how silly they seem to a lot of people) when he's seen things like that for real.
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User Info: darkriz

3 years ago#8
I would love to see good solid play by play commentary. Acclaim's WWF Warzone may not have been close to the best when it comes to wrestling games but it's commentary was really good. People mock it but I wouldn't mind the Just bring it commentary.

User Info: Diesel95

3 years ago#9
aalot oldergames were awesome, did you ever try WCW backstage assult?? the graphic is terible BUT the commentary is amazing and even continues while its loading (when you zone to another area)
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User Info: Louis275

3 years ago#10
yeah you would think that a 15 year old game could have commentary as good as that that it would be ultra realistic today.
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  3. Will the commentary finally be as good as other 2K Sports games?

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