Triple H (Retro) And brodus clay are up

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User Info: Glover33448

4 years ago#11
I feel bad for Brodus, I really think he could have been a beast, and in the current heel authority figure angle he could have been a willing enforcer for HHH and Stephanie.
"Vampire Penguins...Zombie Guinea Pigs...We're done for!"
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User Info: thunderl1ps

4 years ago#12
The 2002 Triple H is definitely the best version to have. That's when he was an absolute beast. He was incredibly jacked up when he came back from the quad injury.

User Info: RayReptile

4 years ago#13
Wow. Glad Cameron and Naomi aren't in the game as playable because they look as bad as they did last year. Holy crap. HORRIBLE!
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