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User Info: Jograd7

3 years ago#1
Hi WWE fans! These are the preset entrances (may not be 100% correct!) If there are any corrections to be made, let me know!

A Dangerous Man- Ken Shamrock
Attitude Era Christian
Attitude Era Edge
The Bad Apple- Carlito
Bada-Bing- DDP
Basic- Demolition Smash
Bird of Prey- Hawk
The Bizarre One- Goldust
Boxing Legend- Mike Tyson
Cactus Jack
The Cardiac Kid- Yoshi Tatsu
Chainsaw Funk- Terry Funk
Chainsaw Maniac- Chainsaw Charlie
Cheer Captain- Kenny Dyskstra
The Clown- Doink the Clown
Clumsy- Clumsy Superstar
Crazed Kamikaze- Sabu
Dammn!- Farooq
Daniel Bryan Original
Daniel Bryan Yes!
The Dominator- Bobby Lashley
Dude Love
DX Triple H
Edge (Crowd)
The Enigma- Jeff Hardy
The Extreme Luchadore- Super Crazy
Father of Extreme- Tommy Dreamer
Fired Up-Alex Riley
Foley- Brian Pillman
Full of Confidence- Husky Harris
Tha Gangsta- JTG
Generic Luchador- El Generico
The Gold Standard- Shelton Benjamin
The Guru- Sonjay Dutt
Helmsley- Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Hired Gun- Test
It's Time!- Vader
Jerry The King Lawler
Jim Ross
Kerwin- Chavo Guerrero
The Kid- X-Pac
King Booker
King of Extreme- Sandman
Legend Killer- Randy Orton Old
Mankind 1
Mankind 2
The Man's Man- William Regal
The Masterpiece- Chris Masters
The Mastodon- Big Daddy V
Michael Cole
Moscow Mauler- Vladimir Kozlov
The Ballin' Superstar- MVP
Mr. Jackson- Ezekiel Jackson
The Narcissist- Lex Luger
The Nightcrawler- The Boogeyman
The Olympian- Kurt Angle
The Outlaw- Trevor Murdoch
The Painted Warrior- Animal
The Perfect One- Mr. Perfect
Plazma- Trent Barreta
Puerto Rican Pride 1- Epico
Puerto Rican Pride 2- Primo
Quiet! I'm On The Phone- Cellphone Superstar
Raise The Roof-Rikishi
Rock and Roll Superstar-Lance Cade
Roddy Piper
Rough House- Balls Mahoney
R-Truth (crowd)
R-Truth Classic
Samoan Bulldozer- Umaga
Samoan Twin 1- Uso 1
Samoan Twin 2- Uso 2
Self Confident-Gregory Helms
Serious Competitor-Demolition Ax
Sexy Boy-Ladies Man
Shadow Boxer- Boxing Superstar
Shake, Raddle, & Roll- Road Dogg
Spanky- Brian Kendrick
The Star- Austin Aries
Superfly- "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka
The Suplex Machine- Tazz
Sydal- Evan Bourne
Ted DiBiase
Throat Slash-Arn Anderson
Too Sexay- Grandmaster Sexay
Traditional- Tyson Kidd
Turn It Up!- Scotty 2 Hotty
The Typhoon- The Hurricane
The Vampire- Gangrel
Version One- Matt Hardy
VIP- Mason Ryan
The Whole Show- RVD
Yard Dog- Junkyard Dog
You!- Michael McGillicutty
Zombie- Zombie Superstar
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User Info: Jograd7

3 years ago#2
Alexis- Mickie James
Black Widow- Victoria
The Bombshell- Jillian Hall
Candylicious- Candice Michelle
Cartwheeling Diva- Cartwheel Diva
Charismatic Diva- Alica Fox
Diva Legend- Trish Stratus
The First Lady- Maria
Flawless- Michelle McCool
French Beauty - Marsye
La Felina- Gail Kim
Leisurely Stroll- Vickie Guerrero
Paparazzi Princess- Melina
Starstruck- Ashley (nuff said)
Vampire Diva- Ariel

All Business - Stretching
Barrio Brothers - Hunico & Camacho
Biscuits & Gravy - Jesse & Festus
Cocky Duo - Generic Heel
Confident Duo - Arms Raised & Pointing
Extreme Brother - The Hardyz
Fan Favorite Duo - Generic Face
Fired Up Duo - Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
Flirtatious Valet - Generic
The Haka - The Uso
The Hooligans - The Brain Kendrick & Paul London
Jealousy - Mike Knox and Kelly Kelly
The Kiwis - Bushwacker
Ladies Man - Victoria & Kenny Dykstra
The Legion - The Road Warriors
Major Bros. - Hawkins Ryder
Partners In Cryme -Cryme Tyme
Power Couple -Glamerella
Puerto Rican Brothers - Primo & Epico
The Rocking Duo -The Rockers
Sassy Valet - Charle Haas & Jackie Gayda
Smashing Axes -Demolition
Spanky & Mr. Jackson -The Brian Kendrick and Ezekial Jackson
Team Flawless -Lay-Cool
Two Cool - Scotty Hotty and Grandmaster Sexy
Vicious Monster W/ Manger - Umaga & Estrada

Bring IT! - Generic
Dungeon Graduates - The Hart Dynasty
The Funky Trio - Primo & Epico w/ Rosa
Male Cheerleaders - Spirt Squad
New World Orders - nWo
Paparazzi Loving Trio - MNM
Team Puerto Rico - Too Cool and Rikishi
Vampire Clan - Brood
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User Info: rooneykoh

3 years ago#3
nice list only mistake i notice is
The Cardiac Kid- is Tyson Kidd not Tatsu

User Info: dark raziel

dark raziel
3 years ago#4
good job :)
"History abhors paradox"

User Info: BillyKidd

3 years ago#5
rooneykoh posted...
nice list only mistake i notice is
The Cardiac Kid- is Tyson Kidd not Tatsu

no it's not, it's tatsu
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User Info: ARACHNAE00

3 years ago#6
Damn sux that I might have to wait until the DLC of new moves!
{If I'm Lucky!} but on the bright side if they do I can edit both entrances that will be Sweet!
First the dive into the rope springboard into a roll!{NICE!}
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User Info: Razael_Osirus

3 years ago#7
Jograd7 posted...
Alexis- Mickie James

They called her entrance Alexis? Oh the wonderful images I've found of her as Alexis Laree...
I'm not fighting any longer, nothing left for me to conquer.

User Info: justcusimasian

3 years ago#8
Awesome, thank you. Gonna request a sticky. The inability to rename moves/entrances/music etc has always been a gripe of mine. It's all obviously referencing other people so why not just let us rename it ourselves?
GT: DeathByToffee

User Info: LordryuTJ40

3 years ago#9
Pretty sure you mixed up the Team Puerto Rico and Funky Trio entrance names.
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User Info: Vampire Wraith

Vampire Wraith
3 years ago#10
Charismatic Diva isn't Alicia's. Her's was removed.
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